We’re launching an information exchange initiative with Support Local FL for all local businesses and entrepreneurs to share updates on how consumers can still support your business during this difficult time. Help us help you get your information out there by filling out the form below so we can let the community know about any updates in platforms, hours, deals, offerings etc. so we can keep our local economy has resilient as possible.

Fill out the form.

Over the next few days and weeks, and for however long our community will need it, we’ll be updating THIS RESOURCE PLATFORM with all the new information each of our local businesses have provided us. Consider this the way for everyone to stay as informed and up-to-date on how your business can stay supported during these crazy times.

Meanwhile, if you’re an individual that has been deeply affected by these times, a group of badass individuals has created a Google Doc collection platform that connects people in need with people who can provide. Need assistance? Fill this out. Want to help? Fill this out.

Cover photo by Bart Sadowski/Shutterstock.