We know that every culture has their own mouth-watering version of comfort food, but let’s hear it for that crispy, fluffy, stuffed goodness that is the arepa. While it’s easy to brag the city’s best South American classic treats are being made at your very household, we’re away that the rest of Miami’s locals can’t take advantage. So we asked you where you go to get your arepa fix and here’s where you led us:

La Latina

If you’re looking for that stick-to-the-bone comfort to sop up the fountain of wine you just downed across the street at beloved Lagniappe, La Latina is your spot. We come for their selection of Venezuelan bites like tequenos and arepas, most people stay for the welcoming vibe and insanely good plantains.


Moises Bakery

Considered one of the best Latin bakeries on and off the beach, Moises Bakery has been a homegrown staple for years. They have your usual selection of fried and baked bites like empanadas, tequenos, and pastries, but their soups and breakfast specials come with a perfectly soft, just made arepa you’ll come back for.


Mondu‘s one of those hidden spots in Downtown you’ve probably passed a few times in and out of the crazy congestion in the neighborhood. But now, here’s a reason to stop and munch while you wait out the traffic. The quick-serve Venezuelan spot is a favorite for residents looking to get delivery, but you can pop in any time and dive into some seriously authentic arepas.


Pepitolandia and Pepito’s Arepa Bar

Dubbed “Doralzuela” the western residential neighborhood has one of the largest populations of Venezuelans outside of the home country. Both Pepito’s and Pepitolandia will hit the spot and are open late, so maybe you should just hit em up one right after the other to get the full experience.

Dale Arepa Bar

In case you didn’t know, Coral Way is a goldmine for some of Miami’s best eats. Somewhat new to the neighborhood is this Venezuelan joint that offers a full kitchen’s worth of all-day meals plus healthy options like bowls and smoothies. But we’re not at Dale to be healthy. We’re here for the 15 kinds of arepas. Yup. 15.


La Moon

In the heart of Brickell lies one of the best pig out spots for late night eats in town: La Moon. As far as Colombian cuisine goes, South Americans really know how to take beloved eats (i.e. hot dogs) and turn their flavor up a notch. We’re talking corn, melted cheese, potato sticks, and an array of meats all doused in a selection of creamy sauces and aioli that makes every meal here a blur of comfort.

Doggi’s Arepa Bar

The one that started it all. Possibly the most beloved arepa spot in the city, Doggi’s have taken over our hearts and even offers multiple locations around town. While their menu is colossal and offers tons of options, you can’t come here and not try at least one kind of the Venezuelan classic.

Cover photo of Doggi’s by Miami.Eater.