The search for a perfect meal is endless. It’s also entirely personal. What constitutes a dish that’ll keep you wishing for more? Is it a mix of atmosphere and flavor? Or even the rush of excitement knowing that you’ve stumbled upon a little-known secret? Either way, we like to reserve the delicious eats, those oozing with comforting goodness for the late nights. You know, those that keep you out and about among Miami’s streets until the wee hours of the morning. When you next find yourself on such an adventure, here are our favorite spots to hit those late night cravings.

Casola’s Pizzeria

An absolute Miami classic. This neighborhood, family-friendly outpost on the cusp of Coconut Grove has been slinging some of the cheesiest slices for years. It’s a post-football game tradition, especially when you’re munching on samples while you wait for your order. Whether you’re heading there for slices the size of your face, or their fresh-grilled wings, it’ll turn into a regular outing instantly.
Open until 2AM Mon – Thurs, 5AM Fri & Sat, 1AM Sun.


The Corner

Okay, we know The Corner is a go-to late night cocktail joint, but did you know it boasts some of the yummiest eats in the city? Their food menu is insanely good. We like blowing people’s minds by bringing them here during the day, but it’s that late night hang that blows us away. Intermingled with existential conversations are grilled cheeses, Mediterranean dips, house-made chips, hotdogs and more.
Open until 5AM Sun-Thurs, 8AM Fri & Sat.

Photo from The Corner Miami


Mary’s Coin Laundry

Going to this ventanita and coin laundry is a right of passage for anyone who calls themselves a Miami local. It’s not just a cafe serving up Cuban classics like pan con bistec or papas rellenas, it’s also the most low-key spot on this list. You’ll find a vibrant mix of people heading here at all hours of the night craving their batidos and sandwiches just as good as anywhere else in the city.
Open 24 hours. Every. Night.

Photo by Aristot


El Taquito

Ah yes. There’s noting like a good late night taco. Or quesadilla. Or nachos. Okay, just late night Mexican food in general. For anyone of us who frequented College Nights in the Grove or Whiskey Wednesdays, you remember this tiny outpost. It’s a no-frills walk-up window sauteeing and mixing up deliciousness deep into the night, especially on the weekends. Head to their Coconut Grove pop-up or the OG home base in Little Havana.
Open 10PM/11PM Sun – Thurs, 3AM/2AM Fri, 12AM/2AM Sun.



Sweet Liberty

Many of us know this South Beach bar for its stellar cocktails and epic weekend parties, but we’ve already raved about its happy hour steals. It’s a respite from your usual beach bars and clubs, a portal into vintage vibes and all the things we love about this city. We must admit though that we come back for their cauliflower nachos and chicken wings, as well as a well-made drink of course.
Open until 5AM every night.

Photo by Sweet Liberty


Bodega is another popular locale that we couldn’t omit. While it might get packed pretty early with a pre-game or raucous late-night crowd, we still think the quality of their tacos and the novelty of their speakeasy bar is still top notch no matter if a friend’s in town or not. Happy hour is key here.


La Moon

In the heart of Brickell lies one of the best pig out spots for late night eats in town: La Moon. As far as Colombian cuisine goes, South Americans really know how to take beloved eats (i.e. hot dogs) and turn their flavor up a notch. We’re talking corn, melted cheese, potato sticks, and an array of meats all doused in a selection of creamy sauces and aioli that makes every meal here a blur of comfort.

Uber Eats

La Sandwicherie

Do we need to say anything else about this all-around go-to? There’s a reason La Sandwicherie‘s original location on South Beach is just as popular as it was when it first opened years ago, and their name has now taken over the city–popping up in new neighborhoods like Wynwood and Coral Gables. Don’t poo poo their house vinaigrette.

La Sandwicherie

Big Pink

Who remembers heading to Big Pink for a massive morning-after feast post-high school hotel parties on the beach? While we might not have been proud of what went down the night before, this retro diner became a beacon of hope on the way to a comfort food-fueled recovery. Not only does their menu live up to its name (taking up half the table when fully unfolded), but their classics haven’t changed (THE FRIES!) and we’re proud about that.

Big Pink

Moshi Moshi

Whether you live in Japan or not, having the option of satisfying a late-night sushi craving is a huge win for the taste buds. Moshi Moshi is one of Miami’s strongest Asian franchises in that they’ve always managed to remain neighborhood-friendly no matter where they pop up. From rolls and dumplings to sake bombs, the great thing about it is it’s always open til 5am, 7 days a week.

Uber Eats


Lagniappe is practically an institution among South Florida wine lovers. Live music and bohemian charm sets the mood here every night, and its incredible selection of vino has earned it the title ‘Top Wine Bar in America’ by Wine Enthusiast. Food is simple, approachable and delicious, and the wine list makes it easy to play it safe with a familiar favorite, or get as adventurous and exotic as you like.


Cover photo by Myles Restaurant Group via Miami New Times.