There are few things in Miami that survive the test of time and the tide of change, but the highly-beloved Coconut Grove Arts Festival is a testament to the fact that when something is done with love and passion, it thrives. For nearly 60 years, the internationally-lauded celebration of art has taken over Miami’s oldest (and arguably most charming) neighborhood with masterpieces by over 300 artists from around the world spanning 15 mediums from painting and sculpture to screen printing, jewelry, installations and more. And guess what? It’s all just $12.

This year’s Coconut Grove Arts Fest, happening officially from February 15th – 17th, has a few new gems to add to its chest of year-round treasures. For the very first time in its 57-year existence, the festival will host a kick-off concert to act as an opening ceremony for the entire celebration. On Friday, February 14th, the festivities will commence with An Evening Under the Stars where ticket holders can enjoy the sounds of local musical legends to get it all started. The concert will be headlined by Emily Estefan, critically-acclaimed musician, producer, and music festival darling.


The 57th-annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival is also off to the races for all you foodies out there. This year, they’re expanding on their crowd-favorite Culinary Pavilion (with some of the best Gyros we look forward to all year) by partnering with the James Bear Award-winning local culinary legend, Norman van Aken, with the first-ever Chef’s Table activation. The food-centric celebration will feature personal cooking demonstrations hosted by three of South Florida’s most distinguished chefs – Norman Van Aken, Allen Susser and Jeff McInnis.

Over the years, the landmark cultural event has become more than just an arts festival. With a constantly growing Family Zone, Culinary Pavilion of over 50 eateries, and surrounding artisan markets, it has evolved into one of Miami’s great and largest events all year. While the Coconut Grove Arts Festival is, of course about the art, with the addition of things like a live entertainment stage in partnership with Entercom featuring jams by the biggest names in South Florida, it’s constantly growing every year to include activities for every interest.

Emilie Sobel

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Cover photo by Art Circuit.