Whether it’s a thin-crust, extra veggies, cheesy crust, Hawaiian style, or a simple margherita, pizza is one of America’s favorite bites of goodness. For National Pizza Day on the 9th, you get to dive into your favorite guilty pleasure no matter the topping or crust, for a whole day. Buy a box and kick it with some friends or buy a whole pie for yourself and your Netflix go-to. Many specials are going on today like these, just to name a few and there are plenty more! Here are a few locations that you may or may not have heard of that are a must to visit on National Pizza Day!

Steve’s Pizza

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Famous Steve’s is known for its hip interior and old school feel with graffiti writings on the walls, plants and best of all the pizza! Classic New York Style Pizza fill the tables and is what this place is best known for. All the pizza is made in a brick-oven which leaves the large slices of delight hot and fresh. The hot spot has been within the same North Miami neighborhood since 1974. That alone says a lot about the quality of Steve’s pizza and its other servings that are just as yummy and is without a doubt one of the best in South Florida. A drop in here is a must, especially on the occasion.

Mister 01

Photo by Lincoln Road Miami Beach

What started as a secret speakeasy kind of concept, where intimate food experiences reign supreme and word of mouth is the way of the game, turned into a Miami Beach sensation that branched even all the way to Wynwood. Mister 01 is hidden off Lincoln Road and is famous for their absolutely delectable pies and other Italian classics. Their pies come in many different options, but their trademark star shaped pizza is where it’s at. A crust that fans out like the stellar bite that it is, filled with ricotta and topped with your usual favorites. It really is extraordinary.

East Side Pizza

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East Side Pizza is one of the few but important staples of Miami’s Upper East Side. This Italian inspired pizzeria serves pies, slices, and other dishes that are not one to miss! Each slice is as large as the plate it’s served in and is worth every penny. You’ll be left in a daze after trying out their cheesy, meat-lover, and Hawaiian slices that’ll just fill you with warmth and satisfaction. East Side also has a beautiful patio with nicely lit fairy lights that is great for pictures and hanging out enjoying each mouth-watering bite that will leave you wanting another piece. Show up to this joint and get your cravings satisfied with fresh ingredients and a side of great, reliable service.


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This rustic-style pizzeria brings you a more upscale version of a casual pizza restaurant. Although it’s a bit pricier than most pizza eateries, due to its urbanized location, it does not make you think twice about the price due to the impeccable taste of each slice. Brooklyn’s own Lucali welcomes you with aromas of freshly handpicked tomatoes, basil and genuine Italian seasonings. You will be transcended to another place and time from the moment you step into Lucali to when you have the last munch. The perfect place for a romantic evening for two.


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What was once a tire shop located on the outskirts of Little Haiti, is today one of the tastiest, most retro, and friendliest service-based pizza restaurants in Miami. Andiamo is a family-friendly environment spot that offers patio dining and thin crusted pies. The warm and welcoming environment goes hand in hand with the great quality pizza that comes hot and ready straight from the brick-oven and is done with fresh dough that’s made daily. Since 2001, Andiamo remains loyal to traditional pizza parlors on the East of the US. Definitely a pizza spot that needs to be visited on National Pizza Day.

The Alley

Photo courtesy of The Betsy

Tucked inside a literal alleyway on South Beach, we really don’t understand why more people don’t brag about how great The Alley is. But you know what? We’re not complaining. We want it to keep its unique and friendly charm for as long as possible. The Alley is the wonderful food offshoot of The Betsy Hotel, where live music and intellectual gatherings reign supreme. It’s a perfect pairing with such a sweet place and their pizza is absolutely next level. It’s simple yet everything you need in one bite. For those of us who have experienced the homegrown feel that The Alley provides, it’s definitely a constant in our pizza rotation.

Ironside Pizza

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If you want to take a trip to Italy without the plane, then Miami’s Upper Eastside Ironside Pizza is the way to go. This hidden gem just west of Biscayne Boulevard brings an energetic and fun ambient to enjoy with friends or family. Indulge your craving of wood-fired, authentic Italian pizza recipes, ranging from porcini mushroom to spicy salami, with the freshest ingredients, including the dough, flown in directly from Italy. Gluten-free and vegan options are also available.

Sir Pizza

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Now we know that this one might not top the list for artisanal techniques or locally sourced gourmet ingredients, but Sir Pizza has been a pizza Friday staple for many locals’ hearts for years. This Key Biscayne favorite is exactly the kind of low-key, hits the spot kind of pizza…perfect for after a day at the beach. They’re famous for the oozing melted cheese, square cut slices, and homemade ranch. There really is nothing better than that singe-the-roof-of-your-mouth temperature cheese paired with the fresh out of the fridge ranch. Hits the spot every time.


It makes sense that one of Miami’s best and moth authentic Italian joints is tucked quietly along the river, where no one can ruin its wonderful and delicious charm. CRUST is relatively new, but from the moment it opened, it became a Miami staple. Their choices of sauces and toppings is seemingly endless. We suggest mixing it up and trying one traditional red pie and one three cheese white pie to get the full experience. Of course, get adventurous and try the seafood topping…you are on the river after all. Still hungry? Their garlic rolls are heavenly.



From the same minds behind one of Brickell’s most beloved pizza joint, Stanzione, comes its spunkier cousin: Ash. While at their landmark location, the recipes veer more towards the traditional–focusing on authentic selections and fresh ingredients–at Ash, your options feature comfort food favorites (like bacon) galore. The pizza concept is located inside The Citadel food hall in Little River, and is just as trendy as the pizza spot itself. Perfect pairing, we’d say.


Cover Photo by Naughty Fork.