We all know that while the holiday season is all about joy and love, inner peace isn’t easy to find among all the shopping and eating frenzy. It’s hard to find the time to stop and listen to our bodies, to take a break and take care of ourselves. Usually, we end up rounding the year off exhausted (and with a little too much bubbly). So, here are a few easy things you can do alone or as a paired gift with a loved one, for some seriously needed self care.

Get a new ‘do

Even something as simple as a trim can make anyone feel light as a feather, and refreshed to take anything on with gusto. On the second floor of a gorgeous retro house in MiMo sits one of the best salons in town: Assembly Hair & Barberia. The space is filled with light, and the striking hardwood floors makes you feel as if an entire team of experts are tending to your every need right in the comfort of your own home. It’s the anti-salon salon and it’s our new go-to. Our editor recently cut 18 inches off under the kind eye of Shay de Oliveira and hasn’t stopped recommending the spot.

Haute Living

Head to toe Wellness

If you’re looking for a serious life hack, look no further than Exhale Spa. Not only are their yoga and barre classes available on ClassPass, but you also get to take advantage of their pristine spa facilities when you go. Give yourself a steam or a bout in the sauna after your workout, or head straight into their treatment rooms for therapies like mani pedis, Swedish massage, facials and everything in between. After, have lunch by the pool or take a stroll along the beach to truly take advantage of the soulful escape. They have locations on the beach, Bal Harbour, and Downtown Miami. What we love most about Exhale is that whether you’re a Ritz hotel guest or not, you’re treated as warmly as ever–a surefire way to make anyone feel good.

Ritz Carlton

Get a little Zen

Did you know that in the center of our city is an authentic, public Japanese Garden? As you’re stuck in traffic coming to or from the beach, veer off the MacArthur and pop into the Ichimura Miami Japan Garden for a truly wonderful surprise. Encircled in a towering concrete wall and stuffed on all sides by colossal bamboo trees, your mind will be blown by the silence the garden holds. You’ll instantly be transported to Japan. Head there for culture festivals and traveling exhibitions like the recent arrival of the Jade Buddha, or attend a Japanese tea ceremony for the ultimate relaxation and class in the art of thoughtful consumption. Or, just head there, sit on a beach surrounded by lush oriental greenery, close your eyes, and let the rustling leaves align you back into yourself.

Time Out

Take a bath

And we don’t mean at home. There are no bath bombs at the Russian & Turkish Baths on Miami Beach, but there’s a whole list of even better ways to take in a relaxing soak. Go during the week when you can be alone and let the many rooms and waters heal you. The space is a labyrinth of exotic saunas, therapeutic steam rooms, and sumptuous massages. Start with the ocean water jacuzzi and let a waterfall of salt water pound even the deepest knots out of those heavy shoulders. Then make your way through their many saunas, their hammam, an aromatherapy steam room, and even a rain room until you can take a dip in the pool. It’s a nice experience to have at least one, whether solo or with a spa buddy.


Drink in something different

In case it hasn’t yet fallen on your radar, Kava is the new drink to hit us stateside filled with health benefits and energetic qualities. Miami is, as usual, late to the game but we have a few great spots to try the earthy concoction. You’ll want to chug the whole cup of Kava to get the immediate relaxation effects and mouth-numbing elements. Roots Miami, on the edge of Wynwood is a low-key joint to dip your toes in the acquired taste of the drink, and their events calendar is filled with great things to help you de-stress like open mic nights and live music. For something a little more experiential, Twisted Roots in Broward offers a funky menu of mocktails to help a beginner get into the new trend.

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Cover photo of the Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour by Zeebalife.