Finding a go-to tattoo artist nowadays serves as a challenge for many since the competition within the tattoo world for who does the neatest work or who can offer the best eye-catching twists, remains high. Searching for new places and people to go to in Miami may be time consuming but we cut out the time to bring you a variety of tattoo artists and parlors that can cater to all of your art cravings:


Tattooist and illustrator with a vast skills on all sorts of designs, anything from pop culture anime references to breathtaking pieces of art.

The Ocho Placas Crew

@javierbetancourt . @pooka. @s.mancinotattoo
Pretty much any tattoo you’ll get from the favorite West Miami parlor is going to be something truly special, but the above artists are some of our personal favorites (including owner, Javier Betancourt).

Karry Ka-Ying Poon

Most people might think of tradition tattoos with hard lines and a vintage feel, but she creates some of the most fragile, light-lined works of art that evoke sweetness and childhood nostalgia.

Jason Cooper

It’s no secret that two of the hardest things to do well when it comes to tattoos are: shading and colors. And Cooper does both of these in spades.

Guille Chaviano

Owner of Divergent Ink, Chaviano can pretty much do anything with his tattoo gun. From colorful brushstrokes to simple sillouettes and beyond.

Jozie Furchgott Sourdiffe

If you’re looking for a badass female mastermind, you’ve come to the right place. Jozie blends fashion and style with incredible skill.

Guzman “Bolo” Perez

Miami Native Guzman Perez dedicates his hands to realistic and detailed tattoo pieces. His home base for creating is at the famous Inkaholik Tattoos located in North Miami Beach which has gained even more recognition through his doing.

Cover photo by Eighth & Grand.