The sad state of the Miami’s dating scene has been one of the most reiterated statements around. Given the fact that people who grew up here pretty much stay friends with the same groups they’ve known since elementary school, and most going out options involve a booming DJ that makes conversation nearly impossible, the city is just not set in the favor of us singletons. So, as usual, we have to get creative. Getting out of your comfort zone is a given, but here are some other great options to meet new people:


Aside from having a whole new slew of great suds to choose from, there’s another big reason we’re happy Miami’s brewery scene is booming: new spots to hang. While most of us already head there with a group of people in mind, it’s a fun place to get down and talk to fellow beer lovers without fear of judgement. Nerd out with the bartenders, play board games with a neighboring group of friends, and spark up a conversation with the fellow communal table crew right next to yours.


Food Halls

Just like breweries, food halls are another great spot to feel welcome with their variety of options for all tastes. Even the first lap around the space, when getting the lay of the land, is an easy way to agree with a fellow indecisive foodie “it DOES sound delicious, right?” Also similar to breweries, most food halls have communal tables that force you to sit near strangers soon to be friends.

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Alternative Workouts

Of course, many people would tell you gyms are a great place to meet people, but usually people are going there to get a class done and bounce. It’s the more fun activities that already have people ready to get loose and interact. Think: rock climbing at projectRock in Fort Lauderdale, joining a run club like the ones put on by iRun, or even get the gang together and get nostalgic at Bayskate which is running at Bayfront Park all month long.

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We know that Miami’s park culture might not be strong, but the neighborhoods that are lucky enough to have a breathtaking green space at their heart know that a park is a goldmine for connection. Margaret Pace Park in Edgewater is brimming with activity in the early evenings when all sorts of workout classes are going on and the dog park is filled with tangled leashes. Same goes for Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove where beach volleyball, dogs, and bayside lounges reign supreme.


Cultural Communities

In the same light as gyms, becoming a member of a cultural collective is a great way to meet people are interested in the same things as you are so you already have something pretty big in common. Joining something like Commissioner, the local art platform for beginner art collectors gets you into a slew of great events and face to face with some of Miami’s most interesting people. Sofar Sounds, the intimate concert experience is another good option for music lovers looking to disconnect. Or even getting on the Friends of The Underline radar for their monthly neighborhood bike rides.

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Crate Digging

Ah yes, records. This is where it’s truly at. If you’re not down to head to a club and scream over a loud sound system, there are other ways to connect with people over music. Picture this: your fingers graze each other as you both reach for the same obscure Motown record. Your eyes lock. You decide for a truce and to listen to the album together. Now that beats Netflix and chill every time. The monthly Miami Record Fair every last Saturday Gramps is epic and homegrown, Sweat Records is a staple, and Technique Records specializes in some of the more niche genres around.


Cover photo by Veza Sur.