While Midtown is known for its big-name destination shopping and restaurants, there’s a whole other section of the relatively new Miami neighborhood that is home to beloved local concepts. Piercing the Midtown and Edgewater neighborhoods is NE 2nd Ave., a vein that stretches as far north as north goes in this city. But in this specific area, its flanked by homegrown eateries and shops that we can’t imagine Miami without. Take a deep dive:

Bunnie Cakes

Leading the pack on Miami’s alternative eating habits is Bunnie Cakes, one of the very first vegan-conscious and gluten free bakeries in the city. Their mini cupcakes are the stuff of dreams and we’re not surprised that their baked goods are so successful, you can find them at Whole Foods.

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Verde Market

It’s high time that Miami jumped on the waste-free lifestyle bandwagon and Verde Market is really pioneering some amazing initiatives. The zero-waste supermarket is the first of its kind in the city and offers plenty of locally-sourced options for dry and soft goods that you can restock at any time. The space is friendly and welcoming, and it’s perfect to add into your weekly shopping routine.


Mamma Leone Bakery

There’s an underground Italian community in Miami, in case you haven’t noticed the string of charming and authentic spots around town. Another great thing that comes with it is house-made bakeries, like Mamma Leone‘s that feel like they’ve time traveled straight from Tuscany. Their handcrafted goods range from classic pastries to delicious desserts and they offer great coffee to wash it all down.


Midtown Garden Center

When you’re looking to work up that green thumb, or just take a break in a beautiful location, Midtown Garden Center is a great option. Surrounded by colorful murals, the garden shop features boutique florals, food pop-ups, and a general perfect escape to hang.


Midtown Creamery

In the age of Instagram-worthy food pics and foodie influencer pages, a dish that’s worth a thousand likes is essential. Midtwon Creamery is one of those spots. We’re talking waffle cones piled high with creative flavors and succulent bites, oozing with syrups of all colors. Except it all still tastes homemade and artisanal. Try the bubble waffle cone and don’t skimp on the toppings.


Caja Caliente

They call themselves “the original Cuban tacos” for their unique and flavorful mix of Latin cuisines in some of the most scrumptious bites in town. What started as a vibey, tropical food truck has become a haven for foodies hungry for original eats and mouth-watering lunch. Everything Caja Caliente offers feels like your loving grandparents made for you, no matter the time of day.

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NOA Cafe

This is one of our all-time favorite spots in Miami. NOA Cafe is an intimate spot to grab a work lunch or a romantic dinner with someone special or an old friend. They have a menu that has something for everyone, with flavors and dishes spanning from the Mediterranean to Asia and beyond. Its rustic interior is warm and inviting, and we can never say no to the Pad Thai or the steak salad.


Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop

One of Miami’s most beloved Cuban shops, Enriqueta’s has made a huge splash on the scene by winning over encroaching development. They’ve not only managed to stay open and in the same spot as they have for decades, their food has never wavered from its original recipe either. It’s a ventanita straight out of Calle Ocho, serving the Midtown neighborhood true Cuban classics with vigor.



Like something straight out of New Orleans, Lagniappe is one of Miami’s best music venues, hands-down. They serve up a wonderful selection of jazz, funk, and progressive music on the nightly in eclectic digs and a backyard hang. If you haven’t been to this staple yet, you’re truly missing out. Grab a bottle of wine, select your charcuterie plate, and enjoy the show. Just get there early to snag a table.

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La Latina

Finally, topping off the list is the best late-night spot in the area, which only makes sense that it comes last. If you’re looking for that stick-to-the-bone comfort to sop up the fountain of wine you just downed across the street, La Latina is your spot. We come for their selection of Venezuelan bites like tequenos and arepas, most people stay for the welcoming vibe and insanely good plantains.


Cover photo of Verde Market by FujiFilmGirl.