That’s right! Can you believe a year flew by so fast? Last November, we officially launched the Culture Crusaders platform to help both locals and curious travelers how to discover the real Miami. We set off on a mission to give you the kind of advice a true friend in the know would, and build cultural bridges along the way. While many arts & culture platforms have fallen throughout the years, we wanted Culture Crusaders to shine bright for all the institutions, artists, and small businesses who need a microphone in The Magic City. So thank you for making that possible.

Here’s a reminder on what pieces you loved most in our first year of running:

#7: 24 Hours in Miami According to Our Editor

As our city continues to grow, there are so many great local spots rising up that it’s becoming so hard to keep track. For self-proclaimed Culture Crusaders like ourselves, we’re constantly on the look out for the Miami treasures that can’t be missed by both residents and tourists alike. If you had 24 hours in this city, where would you go to get the “real” Miami experience? Where would you tell a friend to go? Let our Editor, Pola Bunster, take you around must-see spots in her hometown.

#6: Neighborhood Map – South Beach & Sunset Harbor

As self-championed supporters of culture, we like to make sure that Miami is being represented in as well-rounded a way as possible. That means, spotlighting the amazing people and places that make this city so special. And we’re talking about the real city, even in the areas that might be majorly touristic, like South Beach. For many, it’s sunscreen and camera town, where travelers flock to feel like they’re in a film about Miami without knowing that the beach and the city are two entirely different things altogether. We’re here to prove that you can get that authentic, home-grown charm you love even in the most sunburnt off places.

#5: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Miami Drug Wars

Although many of us are working to bring Miami’s identity back from the drug-riddled 70s and 80s it famously owned, we can all agree that it still is an essential part of the city’s history and as many educational, raw, unfiltered accounts of the period should be shared with the world. Anything we can do to strip it away from the glamour-paired shoulder pads and spotlight the real state of a torn city during that time and what brought it to be known as the “Drug Capital of the World”. Over 12 years ago, Billy Corben shocked the world (and many sensitive locals) with “Cocaine Cowboys,” his gripping documentary diving deep into the crime epidemic that arose from the depths of the Miami Drug Wars. This was a momentous feat for the city, putting such an integral era into perspective for everyone who watched it.

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#4: 9 Downtown Miami Gems You Should Know About

While Miami’s Downtown core is ever-changing, the fastest rising skyline in the country, there is much to discover amongst its age-old streets. It’s more than a business sector and bayfront community, it’s also home to some of our biggest cultural institutions and organizations that have helped define Miami’s identity along the way. In between these big moves, there are quite a few historical and local spots that can’t be overlooked. A huge plus about the neighborhood is that it’s so walkable, which means you’ll have plenty of time to visit these gems we’ve picked out for you.

#3: 11 Best Spots to Grab Drinks With a View

In a city where it’s summer year round, it’s always outdoor-dining friendly weather, and you can count on an ocean breeze to provide the perfect ambiance for when the al fresco mood strikes. And while we’re talkin’ primo views–let’s not forget that iconic Miami skyline. But there are also plenty of alternative spots with elevated views so you can appreciate Miami from unexpected angles. So where can you go to enjoy them? Here’s a roundup of our favorite spots to escape the air-conditioned tundras of the office and enjoy the best views our city has to offer.


#2: 7 Big Fat Reasons to Visits Kendall Right Now

We know that Kendall–and all its distinct corners and neighborhoods–isn’t always presented in the good light it deserves. Even still, those Miamians raised in the West and South are proud to be from “The 88” and with good reason. See, it’s more than just FIU and The Youth Fair down there. It’s a sprawling area of lakes and hammocks, colorful hidden gems, nostalgic pastimes, and some of the best eats South Florida has to offer. We asked you all what your favorite Kendall spots were and after receiving over 50 awesome suggestions, we narrowed it down to this first edition of great reasons to visit.

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#1: Why We Can’t Wait for Selina Hotels to Open in Miami

With the rise of the modern entrepreneurial spirit comes the end of the cubicle as we know it. At the same time, as careers shift into a freelance, remote-working mindset, a typical work day is also shifting–making a truly “detached” vacation a thing of the past. We are constantly working, our phones are our checklists and our desks can be everywhere. Capitalizing off of the desire to move beyond the random coffee shop or bustling hotel lobby, Selina Hotels has found the perfect intersection between feeding the soul through travel and getting sh*t done.

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