You know when that feeling hits- the one where you know you’ve been cooped up far too long in your home office, and you must. get. out? Personally, I’ve gone back and forth between securing full time office space or continuing to visit the great places to freeload free wifi around Miami about 500 times. On one side, I’m wearing comfy pajamas, snacks on snacks are just a few steps from my desk, optional hair washing and low overhead. Dreamy. But then my social side kicks in and being around people and the possibilities of new business opportunities sounds way better than dry shampoo and leftovers.

Hello Co-working! Thanks to Deskpass, I’ve been happily enjoying my desk(s) away from my Miami home office for a minute now. If you’re not into paying double rent just yet, check out a few of our fave places to get work done.

Building.Co – Brickell

A hidden start-up HQ in the center of the city, Building.Co is every wannabe coder or entrepreneur’s dream work station. It’s home to Iron Hack and a handful of other fun local businesses like Biscayners Sunglasses and Boatopia TV. If Silicon Valley (San Fran) and Silicon Hills (Austin) birthed a more Miami place to start a passion project, it would be this place…Silicon Beach, maybe? To top it all off, their astroturf grassed rooftop is the spot for getting some air between pitches and the perfect locale to sip your happy hour beer, sparkling water or legit coffee options, all on tap.

Minds Co-Working – Wynwood

One of the more quaint co-working spots around Miami and oh so charming. The music is on point and the vibe is very designer/ musician/ media pro-esk. Whether you’re parking it on a monthly basis or visiting for the day, Minds is that place you want to hang out at in Wynwood. Everyone is youngish and productive plus, this spot hosts cool events like SoFar Sounds if you should be so lucky to grab an invite.

Minds Co-work

Ampersand Studios – Arts & Entertainment District

If you’re into having a lot of personal space but still want to be social, check out Ampersand Studios. This whitespace warehouse is a creative pro’s dream with photo/ video studios galore with bright, colorful, local artwork lined walls including a Campbell Soup Can display you’ll be sure to see on your way in. Looking for a space to throw a party at post-launch? Do it here. And don’t forget your parka if you’re working upstairs.

Ampersand Studios

The Emery – Hallandale

To all the ladies in South Florida with style and a small business but no permanent office, The Emery is your new home. The programming is ideal for type-A boss babes who live to network with a long list of workshops, masterminds and opportunities to become business besties with other girls doing the damn thing. Podcast studio, check. A few meeting rooms, yep. Snacks and free coffee, for sure. Plus, it’s centrally located in Broward so you can miss traffic on your way back to Miami.


Cover photo: The Emery.

Amy LaVallie owns the local creative agency, The Creative Beach. She empowers small business owners to rock on their marketing and social media strategy so they feel authentic and fired up about what they’re putting out into the world. You can hire her for one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops, or as your agency.

In her downtime, you’ll find Amy doing yoga around Miami, enjoying all the live music, tacos, local events, and of course, finding her latest inspiration at the beach.

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