While you might not think that the beauty industry and positive mental health go hand in hand, Dr. Brandt Skincare is actually taking the reins on turning the industry’s sometimes harsh outlook on its head. Instead of emphasizing the need for high-cost procedures and spotlighting the fault in our skin, the dermaceutical brand focuses on bringing top-of-the-line quality into our homes while focusing on what your skin has and not what it lacks. With Dr. Brandt products, you feel supported and not ostracized. It’s a community built around help, and not just the kind that’s good for your skin.

In 2015, the beauty brand created the Dr. Brandt Foundation in honor of its namesake’s tragic suicide that year. Founded in Miami in partnership with The Miami Foundation, Dr. Brandt Foundation is on a mission to create a platform for mental health awareness of all kinds. The Dr. Brandt Foundation is dedicated to mental health well-being by committing to a safe and healthy way to help, advocate for, and educate individuals and the community. The Foundation is pioneering necessary steps in creating a local, national, and international platform to destigmatize the conversation surrounding mental health issues such as depression and suicide prevention.

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They’ve launched creative initiatives that actually provide help to those in need, by incorporating their current customers and trending projects. For example, this past September, the brand announced that every purchase of the Limited Edition Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator would be decorated with symbols of love and features the Dr. Brandt Foundation’s Suicide Prevention Awareness Hashtag, #SAYILOVEYOU. Every unit sold provides 5 minutes of lifeline support from The Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to the LGBTQ Community.

Ian Jacob Photography

What you might not know is that both the mental health awareness foundation and the skincare giant were founded in Miami as Frederic Brandt’s cosmetic practice was born here. So they’ve managed to continue giving back to the state of Miami’s mental health scene by working with local venues and collectives to host helpful events and talks shedding light on all things mental health & well-being. In particular, they work with the LAB Miami on their #SayILoveYou Speakers Series, and host a weekly Mental Health Wellness Journal Group at the nearby by Bubba Tea every Sunday at 6pm.

On October 23rd, our very own Editor, Pola Bunster will be partaking in a talk alongside Aaron J. Jackson, Photojournalist and co-Founder of FGO Network powered by Nike and the Dr. Brandt Foundation. Learn about the process that happens in prioritizing mental health for overall wellness and how that can affect our creativity by bringing hope through storytelling and educating our community. Get more info here.