Hand made tortillas, 48 hour marinated thin cuts of perfection, cilantro and a hint of lime, what is not to fall in love with? Happy National Taco Day to all food lovers everywhere. This simple, inexpensive, and fundamental food group has grown exponentially throughout the world. Perhaps known as the most accessible contribution that Mexican cuisine has given planet Earth! We will explore some of Miami’s most unique and applause worthy tacos.  Some of the locations below stick to the taco A,B,Cs of simplicity, while others play with spices and cuts like jenga top chefs, but one thing can be said about them all, they will have you coming back.

The Taco Stand 

The Tijuana inspired taqueria comes to us all the way from San Diego, California. Once you walk in all your senses become engaged; the smell of hand made tortillas, funky murals, neon signs, open layout kitchen, then suddenly, you lock eyes with the vertical  pork and your mouth begins to water (a classic love song we all know). Order up, Camarones, the spicy shrimp you have been observing is finally grilled to perfection. At first bite the crisp slaw makes a flawless amalgamation with the marinated shrimp. Next scene, avocado, tomato and robust chipotle sauce attack the palate, you now experience radical happiness.  Click here for more. P.S. There is a small secret omakase Japanese restaurant in the back.


Viva Mexico 

A community staple of Little Havana, you’ve probably only been if you’re a Miami food veteran or you got stuck in traffic after a Marlins game and made a wrong turn. Once you’ve discovered this 11 year old taco patio, you’re hooked. No wonder there is a long running three way tie for the fan-favorite between Surtido (mixed), Lengua and Carnitas. Their key to success, simplicity. Corn tortillas, flavorful meat and a tray of toppings at your seat. Served to perfection, the Carnitas is marinated and slow cooked over medium heat for over two hours daily.  One word describes the $2.50 tacos: authentic. Hours here.

Viva Mexico

Coyo Taco

Whether you’re on a Sunday Funday strolling through Wynwood with the fam or you just finished up a late night dance revolution, Coyo always makes our stomachs smile.  Worth the wait in line day and night we have Carne Asada, you can’t just have one. Char grilled angus steak, pico and quesito. Handcrafted tortillas, made to order guac and locally sourced veggies have allowed Coyo to grow into 7 locations from Florida to Dominican Republic to Panama and across the pond to Portugal. Uncomplicated at every bite. See menu here.

Miami New Times


Also known  as “Casa de Masa” and originally located on 15th and Collins the groundbreaking taco window continues to make its waves in Miami due to their UNFORGETTABLE blue corn tortillas. Run to any of their three locations (North Miami, South Beach or at The Citadel) for a diverse selection of meats. Please put your hands together for Barbacoa: featuring braised brisket, cumin, chiles and negra modelo. This bite size gift will have you feeling like Christmas in the summer. If you make your way to any of the locations you cannot leave without ordering the famous Blue Corn Chips & Guac also known as Totopos. More amazing tacos here.

Julia Rose Photography

Caja Caliente

Designating themselves the Original Cuban Tacos, this popular food truck, turned Coral Gables brick and mortar is disrupting the traditional taco narrative. Their fan favorite “Abuelos Pulled Pork” recipe topped with Pico De Gallo, queso, cilantro and Caja Aioli is creating momentum in Coral Gables. If you’re looking to taste grandma and grandpas traditional cooking go no further. If you’re up for an adventure head into their Goral Gables location on a lazy Sunday to watch grandma’s tropical vibes in action. Big thank you to the Leon family!  More amazing bites here.

Tiem Out

Cover photo: Caja Caliente.

Dominican native Sascha Rijo landed in Miami circa 2009 as a wonderer. Since her inception in the Sunshine state she has evolved within the world of lifestyle luxury hospitality. After a 7 month solo world tour, she recently returns diving into film and television production as a freelancer. Sascha can be found watching movies or contributing to Dominican & Florida Film Festivals.