Do you want to learn to be a better human: grow, be conscious, self-aware, kinder, healthier, more loving? Are you interested in articles, new studies, new books, new ways of being successful? Do you want eye-opening insight? No one has enough time, but listening to podcasts is a constructive channel to inspire self-growth. In the early 2000s the term ‘podcast’ started to be used; iPod + broadcasting = infinite communication inside our phones and in between our ears. It can feel like you’re eavesdropping on a conversation and that you have acquired insider information. Aim for more productivity and success; instead of scrolling through stories of others’ lives, plug in your pods and let yourself get to a place of learning in 2019. Download a podcast and get moving, physically and mentally.

Choosing is half the game

Whenever someone needs a new outlook (Stuff You Should Know), is going through a breakup (Love Is Like A Plant), any kind of assistance (The Marie Forleo Podcast), starting a new venture from scratch (NPR Fresh Air, NPR How I Built This), I make sure to recommend a podcast. Something that is at their fingertips and they can listen to at any time and be of help. At any moment you can listen to guidance (Oprah Master Class and Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations) on inspiring ways of living. You can hear comedians to cheer you up (Good One: A Podcast About Jokes) and experts to motivate you (The Tony Robbins Podcast), all you have to do is tune in.

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Creative Download

Mainstream podcasts such as Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, Pod Save America or any of the Top 10 most listened-to podcasts are worth your time, but here are some of my top inspirational ones: Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda, Here’s The Thing Alec Baldwin, Creative Processing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. These actors want to know more about creative minds. The conversations they lead on their podcasts are noteworthy and not to be missed.

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Local Speakers

We have exceptional people in the local community. The Literary Life with Mitchell Kaplan; Books and Books founder interviews authors in the Coral Gables bookstore’s café as they come to Miami to promote their latest book. Rather than promotional, this podcast is inspirational and gives us intel on the authors. A recent CreativeMornings/Miami speaker, Kristen Soller’s podcast, Kidnapped For Dinner, where she has conversations with creatives. Listen to these two podcasts to know what’s going on in Miami in the arts.

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Girl Power

Second Life by Whowhatwear co-founder Hillary Kerr; Super Women with Rebecca Minkoff; Unstyled with Christine Barberich; Pardon My French with Garance Doré; The Goop Podcast; Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso all have encouraging conversations. I’ve probably listened to every episode on these podcasts and have no regrets. Each one affects listeners in a good way.

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All Ages

For Moms, help is on the way with Raising Good Humans with Dr. Aliza; Mom Brain with Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz. Their conversations are good-to-know for how to raise kids and not lose oneself. To listen to stories, check out: The New Yorker Fiction, The New Yorker The Writer’s Voice, Modern Love (new Amazon series coming soon based on this New York Times’ column and podcast.)

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Get Smarter

The Genius Life with Max Lugavere is one of my favorites. He’s been around my radar since he attended UM and co-hosted Al Gore’s CurrentTv. Today, he uses his platform to have stimulating conversations with health experts. He is the author of Genius Foods. Check it out and follow him on Instagram for news on how to be aware of what you’re eating and how it contributes to brain activity and overall health.

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Squeeze in a podcast like you do a work out (Deepak Chopra’s Infinite Potential). Listen to an episode while you prepare a meal (Bon Appétite), whilst commuting (Women at Work), anywhere you go with your phone you can check out an episode to make your day better (Jen Gotch Is Ok Sometimes.) Be illuminated by their words. Subscribe.

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