There are two types of Miami natives or residents: the “die-hard 305-ers” and the “get me the hell out of here-ers”. Can you guess where I fell for the first two decades of my life? Hint: I am not Mrs. 305. If you run on coladas (instead of Dunkin’), believe turn signals are optional and abhor cold weather, then Miami is paradise. If you’re like me, you can appreciate the city’s eccentricities while also feeling discouraged by its congested, me-first and always-in-a-rush culture. Instead of leaving home like I did for college, I’ve accepted what’s out of my control (see: 75-minute commute to work) and chosen to reframe the way I experience Miami by cultivating a more mindful lifestyle.

Here are a few ways you can live mindfully in our often mindless city:

Practice your ujjayi breath during traffic jams

I have so many reasons to be thankful for my yoga practice, but the first would be my deepened relationship with breathing. Living in Miami, it’s only natural to feel angry or tense on a daily basis when battling fellow drivers in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Thankfully, I’ve been able to use what I do on the mat in my car by taking deep, ujjayi breaths during stressful moments on the road. A loud sigh out also works wonders.

Take a daily walk

No matter what kind of day I’ve had, I so look forward to my daily walks as a chance to disconnect from tech and reconnect with myself and my surroundings. Some days, I’ll walk around Coral Gables during my lunch break, but on most days a 15-minute stroll around my West Kendall neighborhood with my pup does the trick. Pro-tip? Tuck your phone away, tune into all five senses and examine whatever thoughts come up, without judgement.

Photo: Bike Walk Coral Gables

Get outside and ground yourself in the now

Our year-long summer is something we love to hate during August, but truthfully love the rest of the time. Sure, we’re sweating bullets the moment we step outside, but we also have the best climate to enjoy outdoor activities.

Here are just a few of Miami’s ongoing opportunities to get out and ground yourself in the moment:
Yoga at The Kampong ($15 for first time via Yelp)
Rise and SoulShine Yoga (donated-based)
Well Being Wednesdays in Wynwood (free)

Support local, conscious businesses

Pull up a chair at Wynwood’s Love Life Cafe, bite into their unbelievably tasty (and 100% plant-based) Love Life Arepa while sipping on fizzy Radiate Miami kombucha. I’ve found that the best way to discover local, conscious businesses is to research, wander and explore South Florida’s ever-evolving neighborhoods. Once you find your favorites, you’ll feel more in sync with the community each time you treat yourself. Or take the short cut and peruse our Support Local directory.

Photo: Miami New Times

Cover photo by Miami Art Scene.

About the writer: Lauren is a communications professional by day, but an overall wellness advocate at heart. You can find her on or Instagram.