Miami’s entrepreneurial scene is booming, and with that the need for gathering spaces that inspire and incite connectivity. Many orgs, collectives, and small businesses are having monthly meet-ups and networkers, but a space that lends itself to true collaboration is a rare find. Most spots are too up-scale, are blasting music, or might not just fit the size or vibe. Here are a few treasures sprinkled around the city that fit this mold, so you won’t have to drive to far to plan a great gathering for your peeps:

27 Restaurant & Bar

While The Broken Shaker is a clear go-to for lounging, 27 Restaurant is a perfect option for a place with a vibe that feels just like home. Their second floor bar is a great venue for a quiet meet-up or a something a little more boozy and social. If things go really well, the party can continue down by the pool.

Photo: Eater Miami

The Citadel

The Little Haiti/Little River food hall is meant for gathering, whether it’s around a fresh slice of pizza or overlooking the neighborhood. Their Rooftop Bar always has something happening, whether it’s a weekly music night or a fellow meet-up. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a view.

Photo: FujiFilmGirl

Books & Books

A staple in South Florida, Books & Books will forever set the tone for community connection. Their Coral Gables is an essential gathering space for the neighborhood, and they truly know how to support creativity through active programming. What better place to talk, than at a sanctuary of words?

Photo: FujiFilmGirl

Mr. C Coconut Grove

The newly opened modern hotel in Coconut Grove might disrupt the surrounding neighborhood with its architectural style, but Mr. C is promising to make up for it with some great social spaces. Namely, their rooftop bar and lounger that provides unobstructed views of the charming area and Biscayne Bay.

Photo: Miami New Times

El Toro Taco at The Anderson

Recently, The Anderson changed ownership and with that, a brand identity. They’ve recently activated their space with a shipping container-turned taco bar, El Toro Taco, an homage to the bar that once stood on the space some 50 years ago. While it might’ve changed, the low-key vibe hasn’t left.

Photo: Miami New Times

The Sylvester

Another spot that has seen some in-and-out concepts over the years but has managed to retain some serious cool. The home of the former Bardot, The Sylvester is oozing with vintage charm and velvet couches perfect for an intimate yet fun night with fellow entrepreneurs.

Photo: The Sylvester Bar

Amara at Paraiso

It’s nearly impossible to get a waterfront view without having to jump through the hoops that come with Beach valet (and prices), or loud sports watchers. So Amara at Paraiso took the beach to Edgewater where they’ve made their own bayside getaway with several different spaces for all kinds of events.

Photo: TripAdvisor

Lost Boy Dry Goods

Sitting cooly at the heart of Downtown Miami is Lost Boy, a former retail shop-turned-swanky bar. At night, the vibe is all fun and games, but during the afternoon and happy hour, the space is flooded with light where you can truly appreciate their cabin-inspired looks and affordable libations.

Photo: Eater Miami

Glass & Vine

When the weather cools down, there are fewer places as beautiful as a park for a backdrop. And one with as much history as Coconut Grove’s Peacock Park? Yeah, that’s why Glass & Vine shines. The age-old oaks set the tone for conversations that pour as flowingly as their well-priced wine.

Photo: Glass & Vine


Easily one of the most beautiful restaurants in Miami, Sherwoods had to be included in this list. The quaint Little River/Little Haiti eatery boasts a breath-taking dining room that transports you through time, a dreamy “Magnolia” bar, and an outdoor courtyard for all kinds of gatherings. Oh, and free cheese.

Photo: FujiFilmGirl

Cover photo of 27 Restaurant by Miami & the Beaches.