With hundreds of restaurants and multiple menus to choose from at each, Miami Spice might not be the cure for decision fatigue we’re looking for. However, if you’re like us, you prefer having options so you have more flavors to try and a perfect excuse to gather a crew together or extra sharing opportunities. We dove into the Temptations food program hard last month, and with less than one left to take advantage, here were some of our stand outs.

Pao by Paul Qui

We can’t recommend this Faena Miami Beach jungle escape enough. Its tropical, illustrious decor gives you the up-scale, elevated escape that Miami Spice is meant to provide for these two months where paychecks are no longer an obstacle keeping you from experiencing the best in food. Speaking of food, though, that’s really where we swoon. A menu inspired by Qui’s Filipino background evokes the senses from start to finish.

Photo: FujiFilmGirl

Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market

You might not think that Doral deserves a drive out during Miami Spice, but think again. One thing we love about the Temptations celebration is that it expands across the entire city without discriminating on location. While many restaurants slim down on portions during Spice, Dragonfly keeps to its hefty servings and flavorful crowd-pleasers, making sure your experience mimics what you’d taste on any other day of the year.

Photo: Greater Miami and The Beaches


This Downtown outpost serves comfort on every plate and charm with every course. Fooq’s has managed to stay consistently delicious, sticking to its original Middle Eastern-inspired dishes in intimate digs from the very beginning. Its Miami Spice menu pretty much features everything you need to taste when going there for the first time, and we highly advise you not to overlook the bucatini…it’s genuinely one of the very best pasta dishes in town.

Photo: Uber Eats

Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard

Like Doral, West Kendall might also not be at the top of the list for Miami Spice adventures, but since it’s where Chef Adrianne Calvo has laid down her roots, think again. The menu might not hit on all the crazy, creative gastronomic surprises from other restaurants around town, but when it comes to a menu that will literally open your eyes, this is it. Comforting classics, hefty portions, and two croissant bread puddings to choose from. Yes, two.

Photo: Greater Miami and The Beaches


This Miami Beach show-stopper hits all the bases on the luxurious ambiance you want during Miami Spice, plus the creative gastronomy you’d expect from an NYC spin-off by Stephen Starr and chef Justin Smillie. The menu has Southern California attitudes and the space itself is quite breathtaking with its stacked shelves of canned citrus and wines. Refreshing choices and light takes of Italian fare are stand-outs at this one.

Photo: Upland

Cafe La Trova

Little Havana’s boom is old news, but the quality of its newest outposts continues to awe. The world famous Julio Cabrera and his team of Cantineros bring to life the retro Cuba atmosphere with their artisanal, handcrafted cocktails at the recently-opened, Cafe La Trova. James Beard Award Winning Chef Michelle Bernstein lends her culinary prowess with a contemporary take on Cuban-styled dishes. With probably one of the largest Miami Spice menus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to feel entirely at home here.

Photo: GQ

It’s actually very hard to go wrong during Miami Spice, and we have been lucky enough to have enjoyed every meal we’ve tried so far. Here are some other noteworthy spots: Katsuya, La Mar, Fiola, Byblos, Jim & Neesie, Baoli, Traymore, El Tucan, Zuma, Meat Market, Komodo, Pisco y Nazca, Cultura, and Fi’lia.

Cover photo courtesy of Fooq’s Miami.