All across South Florida, people are building things to make our region better. These social innovators are not just hustling, they’re working to benefit others addressing issues from educational inequity to sea-level rise. If that sounds like you, we’re sending you love and energy. Here are five of Radical Partners‘ favorite tips to get the most out of every day.

  1. It’s all about relationships.

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again. One of the most important aspects of a successful organization are the people around you. Invest in those relationships by spending time tending to them. Be thoughtful. Remember their birthday. Celebrate their achievements. Send them an article they may enjoy. Make sure you’re not just interacting with people when you need something from them. Keep them close and feeling appreciated because even if they can’t support you today, they may be your biggest champion in the future or they may share how great you are to their resourceful friends.

Photo: Radical Partners

  1. Your time is your greatest asset.

We all know that we could spend all day flash responding to emails or drowning in back-to-back meetings. Don’t let it happen! Set designated times for specific tasks, block your calendar, and plan your days/weeks around your five biggest priorities. Go into your meetings with a clear agenda to get the most out of it. Also, PSA: meetings don’t have to be an hour long just because Google Calendar says they do. You can have a high impact 15-minute meeting.

  1. Say less.

We all know the classic question, “what do you do?” When asked this, many people try to fit a whole lot of information into a short amount of time, often losing the other person. Don’t demote yourself by trying to squeeze everything you do into a 30-second word vomit elevator pitch. Be gracious. Build curiosity. Get the other person intrigued with small yet valuable soundbytes, and set yourself up for a follow-up conversation rather than leaving a one-time quick presentation. That’s how impactful conversations and relationships are built.

Photo: Radical Partners

  1. Team onboarding starts with the job description.

Your team is your key, so build it that way. Although it’s tempting, don’t hire quickly because you need more hands on deck. Invest in finding the right person for the role, not just someone who can do the job. Make sure you set yourself up for success from the beginning by listing specific skills in the job description: hard skills, soft skills, core values, and lifestyle. Once you’ve found the right person, invest in onboarding them thoughtfully. Even though it feels like a massive time investment, it will pay off in the long-run. And don’t hire your friends just because you like them, it usually doesn’t work out!

  1. You are not just your job.

Your org is your baby, we get it. But if you want to be a good social impact leader, be more than just the face of your organization. Give yourself room to have other interests and be passionate about other things. Your organization doesn’t have to define you. Investing in both your personal reach and the reach of your org can be complementary and transcend beyond you having a job that you love. 

Photo: Radical Partners

If these tips were helpful to you, you’re in luck. Radical Partners wants to give you more! They are currently recruiting for the sixth cohort of their flagship program, Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, a 5-month leadership development experience full of intensive workshops (ranging in topics from pitch to fundraising and branding), networking, personalized coaching, robust support, and so much more. Alumni of the program have called it “the best use of their time, ever” and “the most transformational program on earth.”

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Cover photo by Radical Partners.