Ah, Wynwood, Miami’s heart and home for its prominent art, fashion, innovation, and creative enterprise. Growing with over 200 street murals and 400 businesses, the limit does not exist on the culture, excitement, and fun one could gain. Whether you’re going out to drag brunch at R House, treating yourself with something sweet at Zak the Baker, or even just sightseeing at Wynwood Walls; there’s a story for it all here in our favorite bar crawling, art grasping district. With all this opportunity it’s quite possible to look past some of these eclectic gems we know you wouldn’t want to miss.

Paranoia Horror Maze

Right on 5th avenue, you’ll find a strange figure pacing back and forth in front of this mysteriously foggy building. That is until you walk up to this building and find this figure is a masked monster ready to lure you in a horrifying experience. Paranoia Horror Maze is a blackout maze that pushes your fear limits at an all-time high. Each step you take intensifies as you make your way through this menacing and terrifying labyrinth. In the first week of August alone, about 3,118 people couldn’t make it out without running for the emergency exit. Think you can make it out unscathed? Test the waters and you’ll certainly find out.

Photo: Paranoia Miami


You really wouldn’t be able to find this epic restaurant unless you look up. Right on top of Sette Osteria you’ll find ASTRA Rooftop Garden, a complete Mediterranean-Greek inspired restaurant that scenic views will leave you breathless. One can already anticipate the sublime time that will be spent starting from the walk to the elevator with the ascending butterfly art by Punk Me Tender. Giving you the chance to wind down and relax, ASTRA is not only a restaurant but also a full-service bar and lounge. Everything is authentically and deliciously Mediterranean from the food to the drinks, even the garden terrace has Mediterranean plants such as olive and lemon citrus trees! If you’re going for brunch, dinner, or even the fan-favorite sunset hour just know your entire experience will feel ethereal while you eat and drink with an incredible view of Wynwood.

Photo: Narcity

Billionaire Boys Club

Originating as a pop-up shop but now extending its stay is the Billionaire Boys Club, a collaboration known as BBC ICECREAM X ADIDAS MIAMI EXPERIENCE. BBC ICECREAM brought its most popular pieces, along with exclusive BBC Miami logo tees and hoodies. Split into two spaces, the store has one side with various retail brands, while the other offers The BBC x Adidas Originals Elevated Galactic Experience. This interactive installation is an entire room filled with the latest Adidas sneakers floating in space. The Elevated Galactic Experience uses BBC’s recognizable outer space theme along with innovative technology that explores the relationship between light and gravity. An ultimate walk-on-the-moon experience. This store is basically a candy store for sneakerheads, only better.

Photo: Billionaire Boys Club

Mr. Kream

Brought to you by three DJs who go by the monikers Jim, SOS, and Affect, is Mr. Kream neon-lit ice-cream lounge with over 50 ice cream flavors. Each flavor is influenced after a hip-hop artist. At the Mr. Kream lounge, you can buy your own bottle of spray paint or you can spraypaint your ice cream, don’t worry the paint is edible. Not only is there a graffiti store in the shop there is also a live DJ spinning on Friday and Saturday nights. This ice cream shop gets even better as they sell not only milkshakes and floats but also coffee, beer, and wine for the public to just sit down and chill out with your ice cream and company. Sizes renamed as Big Pun for large, Biggie Smalls for medium, and Two Short for small is just the beginning with the multitude of names you’ll come across.

Photo: Joinmein.miami

Wholesale Stores

Of course, Wynwood has their beautiful boutiques and there are definitely unique pieces to purchase in each store. Yet, what’s better than one $75 shirt than an entire new wardrobe for the same exact price? Wholesale stores stretched all across 5th Ave and even 25th ST, like Maria Morena and Magnolia Wholesale provide a varied set of clothes for a fixed price. These stores not only give you the chance to get your dollars worth but also ensure the exclusivity of your outfit. You can walk in any clothing, shoe, or wig store and find your ideal purchase for the low. It’s also a window into the near past of this now trendy neighborhood.

Photo: Flickr


If you ever get the chance to go to the tasty Mexican restaurant, The Taco Stand you probably wouldn’t take a second look at the copper door at the end of the restaurant. That is until you start to notice a few very well dressed people head straight to that wall and come to a complete stop? Once they approach that wall you start to notice there’s actually a keypad, as they type in that keypad you see that wall miraculously becomes a door and people begin to walk in. Behind that wall is the secret sushi restaurant HIDEN. Inspired by the legends and tales of small secret omakase restaurants in Japan, executive chef Shiraishi prepares the type of food he grew up with in Japan.

Photo: Eater

Shirashi combines the authentic Japanese fine dining experience with a personal twist contrary to the average Western Japanese dine-in experience. With a seasonal tasting menu featuring the best domestic and fresh ingredients flown in from Japan twice a week, this is nothing Miami has ever seen before. With only two time slots at 7 pm and 10 pm, the two-hour intimate dining experience for 8 takes people through a mind blowing multi-course dinner. This exclusive experience allows you to dive in and completely indulge yourself in Shiraishi’s masterpieces. If you ever plan on going let it be known a few hours before your arrival is when you will receive your entry codes, directions, and instructions to the hidden restaurant, HIDEN. Enjoy!

Cover photo by Miami New Times.