Hidden inside an unassuming yet historic hotel is easily one of the most surprisingly flavorful in-house restaurants on Miami Beach. While we’re used to hotel restaurants usually enshrouded in an air of exclusivity and empty lobbies, Traymore by Michael Schwartz open and airy, and perfect for a low-key meal any time of day or night. The restaurant’s name is an ode to the Traymore Hotel originally constructed in 1939 and now gives guests at the COMO Metropolitan Asian-inspired eats and bursts of color on every plate.


As usual, Michael Schwartz and his team have created a concept that compliments its surroundings while still highlighting what they do best. A commitment to locally-sourced ingredients, hints of American comfort food, and key Schwartz dishes–like his trademark salmon which was created over 30 years ago and is back by popular demand–all make their claim to fame here. For Miami Spice, their menu features their more Asian-forward items, which is a steal since in our eyes, they’re the standout dishes.

A romantically-lit and nautical-themed bar holds many of their cocktail treasures, a chest of mixology creations waiting for your sips. Pops of green foliage add color to a clean, retro dining hall as the ocean sits just yards away. While funk-fueled r&b jams crooned in the background, we tasted both Miami Spice items and their regular dinner show-stoppers. A classic beef carpaccio, heirloom tomato salad (an iteration of which is always on a Schwartz menu), and a salmon crudo all were refreshing balances to the mouth-watering and perfectly crunchy duck wings to start.

Then came the oozing mushroom and leek dumplings, the pork dumplings and the crunchy seafood egg rolls that were, in all honesty, my favorite bites of the day. The cabbage salad is not to be overlooked either, with a depth of flavor that’ll have you second-guessing all cabbage dishes in general. Entrees featured exciting classics like spicy chicken noodles, the famous wok-charred salmon, and a Korean-style pork breast make-your-own-wrap style with house-made kimchi. The burger deserves its own spotlight. Two words: umami onions.

Like every good meal, it ended with an overwhelming amount of desserts, all of which were delicious in their own decadent way. A green curry banana bread surprises the senses, a black rice pudding that hugs your insides with every bite, an unconventional miso flan, and their version of a molten chocolate cake. As usual, Michael Schwartz dresses his concept with flavorful creations, and is in safe hands with Chef de Cuisine, Jorge Negron. While the Miami Beach outpost softly opened in March, use the Miami Spice opportunity to taste it before it officially opens this fall.

Photos by VACO Studio.