Miami-based experimental duo, TWYN, released their latest musical goodness, ii. The double single reintroduces TWYN from their core, a meeting of jazztronica and dynamic lyricism by way instrumental expression.

With ii. TWYN draws from elements of hip-hop, funk, and EDM, and distorts them through the lens of their own. Keyboardist Jason Matthews spoke to this eclecticism stating, “True innovation is a goal of all artists. It’s a chance to present a new perspective on an existing reality. A fresh take on ideas we can agree on, to create something we can wonder about.”

Following up on the success of their single “Dystopia”, the duo dives deeper into the analog world, recording everything to an MCI 16 track tape machine and capturing each piece at DJ Le Spam’s legendary studio, City of Progress, in Miami. The result is a whirlwind of ear candy; a sonic blend of 70’s prog rock, ambient electronics, and a hard hitting pocket.

Jason Matthews and Aaron Glueckauf represent two of the most lauded artists emerging from the South Florida music scene. Keyboardist, Jason Matthews, already boasts four Latin Grammy nominations for his production on Danay Suarez’s critically praised album Palabras Manuales, while drummer, Aaron Glueckauf, tours internationally with English blues guitar legend, Matt Schofield.