I walked through the doors and immediately forgot I was at Miami’s first ever CBD Expo. Rainbow-colored gummies, chocolate bars, powders, cookies and cakes lined the aisles in what looked like a candy exhibition at first glance. After adjusting to the sensory overload, I regained awareness and began to walk the aisles in search of the latest CBD innovations. I walked Miami Beach’s Convention Center floor for 4 hours, soaking up as much knowledge and—yes—as many free samples as possible. I learned about the latest CBD products from wellness to recreational, pure extracts to blends, and left with a few key takeaways.

Here I share the 5 top trends from Miami’s first massive celebration of all things CBD.

CBD Energy

CBD is popular for its anti-anxiety and relaxation effects, but potent CBD can also soothe you straight to sleep. Since daytime naps are kind of a problem for the 9-5 workforce, CBD companies are rushing to create products that relieve stress and boost energy at the same time. Coldfire Roasters formulated CBD coffee to yield all the energy boosting benefits of caffeine while reducing risk of coffee jitters and delivering a sustained calm. This Tampa-based company recently launched a Colombian variety and Cuban espresso blend that are available in beans, k-cups and soon-to-be Nespresso pods. Every serving contains 10 mg of CBD.

Miami New Times

Not a coffee drinker? Companies like THP (The Hemp Plug) crafted a daytime CBD formula to prevent drowsiness and boost maximum focus throughout the day. Their natural energy blend contains 1000 mg of full spectrum CBD along with B-12 for a jolt of vitamin-based energy.

CBD Nutrition

While sugary treats dominated the Expo, CBD meal replacement and nutritional supplements was another key trend. Just CBD—a company based in Hollywood, Florida recently launched the Jet Setter immune supplement in partnership with hip hop artist Flo Rida. Every wellness gummy is gluten free and packed with Vitamins A thru E, Folic Acid, Biotin, Zinc and 5mg of CBD. Along with supplements, Just CBD claims to be the first south Florida company to launch CBD protein bars, which it manufactures with a soy and dairy-based protein. Just CBD bars contain 0% THC and come in a range of flavors including Birthday Cake, Caramel Almond, Smores and Chocolate Peanut Butter.


CBD Skin Therapy

The most popular CBD products are gummies and oils by far, but there’s a large and growing market for topical skin salves as well. From skin irritation to creaky joints and tight muscles, people are turning to topical solutions from CBD companies like Nature’s Phoenix and Hempagenix. Hempagenix created a cooling roll-on product, Cannanumb, with the plan to replace OTC products on shelves at the nation’s big box pharmacies. Cannanumb contains hemp seed oil (not CBD) along with Arnica, lidocaine and menthol to deliver its intended results. As a more natural alternative to OTC formulas, Nature’s Phoenix showcased Freeze CBD Roll On solution with 750 mg CBD, menthol, organic aloe and camphor oil to name a few.

Omax Health

CBD Tobacco Replacement

Tobacco is out and CBD is in. At least that’s what many companies believe as they create the CBD replacement for popular tobacco products. Sun State Hemp’s latest innovation is a CBD-infused Shisha for a natural hookah experience. Sun State’s herbal Shisha formulas range in fruity flavor and contain 200 mg CBD with zero tobacco. Another innovation comes from a California company that created a tobacco-free dip, featuring CBD concentrate, essential oils, spices and natural sweeteners. Cannadip’s edible pouches are made from natural fibers, which it markets to athletes, elderly, and anyone interested in a hybrid delivery experience. Like a CBD oil tincture, Cannadip delivers CBD under the tongue that absorbs rapidly into the blood stream. Like an edible, it delivers a pleasant long-lasting flavor. Consider it a 2-in-1.

The Hemponair

Holistic CBD

You might have imagined that an event devoted to plant-based CBD was filled with holistic hippies, bathing in natural oils, dancing to meditation music. While that was not in any way the case, several companies touted holistic formulas for maximum healing. Organicly is one brand-new startup created by young lovebirds—Ho-Jin and Victoria—who are on a mission to promote healthy living. Together they created Organicly, a tincture-based product line infused with organically grown CBD, natural terpenes, essential oils and coconut oil. For those seeking healthier edible options, Wyld CBD manufactures a vegan line of gummies with real fruit and no high fructose corn syrup. Shifting to the beauty world, Canna Globe just launched Lauren Lane—a line of natural CBD oil-based serums, anti-aging sheet masks and wax salves.


Cover Photo by Fitness Expo 2019.

Elena Schmidt is a creative writer, yoga teacher, and adventure seeker. She seeks equal parts fun and discipline in life and LOVES finding new ideas and places to explore. Check out her portfolio at www.elenaschmidt.com