Born of Chinese and Malaysian decent, Eleanor Hoh is the Wok Star. From meal prep and flavors, to a no-recipe recipe and a wok kit, Eleanor will make you a wok expert in just one class. Whether you’re the one that cooks in your household or not, Hoh’s style of cooking will make everyone have some serious fun in the kitchen. Take notes kids, after all this is a class.

Wok Star Lesson #1

No Prep.

Our favorite Wok Star recommends you actually don’t chop and prep your ingredients before, as so many books and cooks usually suggest as a time saver. This makes ingredients less fresh and flavorful–same goes with marinading–only get that done right before stir frying. If you run out of ingredients, she encourages you to experiment with the leftovers in your fridge.

Wok Star Lesson #2

No Recipe.

All photos by FujiFilmGirl

Hoh believes recipes limit you. Many people buy recipe books in hopes they’ll pick up cooking, and a lot of times end up giving up because they can’t find all the ingredients.

Eleanor says, “Mom did all of the home cooking, I loved her intuitive cooking. She had to learn to substitute because in the old days, many Malaysian ingredients and seasonings weren’t available in Hong Kong, China. She’d look at a recipe book and just put her own spin on it, that’s how my sisters and I all cook. She’d say, ‘just a little bit of this and that!’ and ‘you can just taste and figure it out!’ Ha, ha.”

Shop with this same kind of spontaneity, and mix and match whatever feels yummy to you. Cooking requires intuition, after all. If you run out of ground beef, use turkey. If you run out of shrimp use tofu. But never let the lack of ingredients keep you from cooking. It didn’t stop her mother, and it won’t stop you.

Wok Star Lesson #3 (…and perhaps the most important!)

The Wok.

First, a cast iron wok is a must and before you ask, no, your flat bottom wok won’t do. It will defeat the whole purpose of a wok in the first place. Second, all woks must be seasoned to really have that non-stick effect, and luckily, Eleanor sells hers pre-seasoned.

Her Wok Kit–or as I prefer to call it–her traveling kitchen, includes:
1. A lightweight, thin walled, round bottom cast iron wok.
2. A digital cooking lesson
3. A caddy basket to organize all your ingredients for seasoning + the seasonings themselves
4. A sharp stainless steel knife
5. A portable butane 12,000 btu Wok Gas Stove

All for $216! The traveling kitchen is key to be the ultimate Wok Star. Her next class happens August 21, 2019 6:00-8:00pm at BOFFI. And she’s signed on a new venue host to her list of awesome spots to take her class: Scavolini, an upscale Italian kitchen design showroom in Coral Gables.

For more information visit her website or follow her on Instagram @wokstar.