It’s no secret that Miami has an affinity for beauty. Spas, salons, and treatment centers pepper the streets so heavily, it seems even Groupon can’t catch up. But with something as vulnerable and nerve-wracking as bodily treatments, it’s hard to find a place that’s trustworthy and effective as well as comforting and warm. Because it’s not just about beauty and the superficiality that tinges the whole industry. It’s about regeneration and jump-starting the body into doing the things it’s meant to do. Among the sea of large-scale hotel spas stand a few silent warriors keeping up with the big guys, and that’s where Feel the Heal comes in.

In a small storefront off the 79th ST causeway sits this locally-owned destination for all things beauty and detox where the starched white walls and instrumental music of the classic day spa are nowhere to be found. In fact, owner and founder Daryn Herzfeld is proud of the down-to-earth atmosphere they’ve come to be celebrated for. “Our laid back ambiance makes all of our clients feel at home here,” says Herzfeld. “Always great music, cozy rooms with essential oils going in our diffusers and complimentary CBD tea.” Funky wallpaper, cheeky decor, and the soothing sights of hanging plants and foliage makes the check-in seem more like a friend’s living room than the counter at a treatment center.

Feel the Heal was founded back in 2001 with a focus on holistic and alternative detoxing and beauty services, basically the kinds of stuff you wouldn’t find at your average spa. Natural ingredients, a focus on healthy bodily functions, and alternative takes on popular treatments are still prevalent at Feel the Heal today, even after their move to Upper Eastside three years ago. They might be small, but their offerings compete with and even vastly surpass most technicians in the city. With over 15 certifications and more on the way, in such an intimate setting, it would be hard to find anything better. “I’m always on the look out for the newest and best alternative detoxes and beauty services,” she says. “We have always stayed current and true to our edgy style.” She even puts on any Netflix obsession of yours to pass the time so you can spend all day there and forget you even left your own home–it’s that comfortable.

With over two decades of experience, Daryn has been at the forefront of mastering innovative techniques and implementing them within Miami’s wellness scene. While colonics and other detoxes have always been the “main attraction” for Feel the Heal, their wide variety of beauty services are climbing in popularity. Things like Microneedling with PRP (Vampire Facial), vegan teeth whitening, and lash, brow and PMU offerings by her colleague Arch & Lash have all topped the list. Her newest service, which can fill in wrinkles and lips with natural Hyaluronic Acid using a no needle hyaluron pen, is a non-invasive, healthier alternative to botox.

Soon, they’ll be introducing education to their roster for deeper community outreach and hands-on support for budding students. “After doing this for so long we are ready to give back and teach other artists and therapists the tips and tricks of alternative detox and beauty services so that they continue to flourish all over” said Daryn. Together they’re on the path to create something Miami hasn’t seen before: a one-stop-shop for all services as well as a platform for education. Now that’s how you stick it to the man, Miami.

So if you’re thinking about where to hit up during Spa Month, we highly suggest to look here and nowhere else. From the moment you walk into the space, your insecurities and inhibitions melt away and your body is ready to take in any treatment you’re there to give it. Indulging in beauty doesn’t have to be a thing. It’s normalized here (as it should be by now) and every experience with Daryn makes you feel like your friend is the one treating you…interesting anecdotes and really cool hats galore. Whether you’re a beauty veteran or are on the fence, this is a perfect place to start.