It’s National Ice Cream Day this Sunday, July 21st, so we thought, what better way to celebrate than with a Tour de Waffle Cone? That’s right, scoops on scoops are in your near future, my friend. And since Miami has been keeping at a solid 95 degrees these past few months, our bikini body willpower is officially out the window and onto the next cup of soft serve we see. Whether you’re more of a gelato guy or the actual dairy queen, it’s your day. For 24 hours, calories don’t count and you’re free to indulge in your favorite flavors all day long. We’ve listed a handful of heavy hitters in the artisanal ice cream field around town:

Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream

The made-to-order ice cream at Lulu’s is only half as cool as the experience of this Nitrogen ice cream coming to life. This locally loved spot makes waffle bowls before your eyes and fills ‘em up with flavors like Pistachio, Nutella, and Dulce de Leche before topping them off with a homemade Santo Dolce Churro (Diet starts tomorrow, we know). Plus, everything is made with simple ingredients and the creamiest, custard-like texture so you can enjoy your lactose with love.

Photo: FujiFilmGirl

MadLab Creamery

Edible gold sparkles, colorful cotton candy, and never ending toppings, oh my! This Design District ice cream shop is about as extra as its location and leaves no instagrammable stone unturned. MadLab opened its doors last year and has been serving up Japanese Cheesecake, house-made chocolate bark, and the most delish soft serve on the block ever since. We dare you to just get a scoop of vanilla.

Photo: Digest Miami

Bianco Gelato

There are too many ways to love this ice cream shop all the way around Miami. With roots in Coconut Grove, Bianco has been making all of it’s ice cream with certified organic ingredients since day one. So, if you’re one of those health conscious ingredient list readers, count on this spot to keep your ice cream squeaky clean with vegan and GF options galore. Treat yourself basically guilt-free to flavors like Stracciatella, Blue Milk Cookies and Cream (made with Blue Majik), and Mango Sorbet.

Photo: Spin Gallery

Dasher and Crank

Have you had an ice cream and beer float yet? If not, get your boozy self over to D&C in Wynwood, because your summer is about to get a whole lot better. This shop checks all the ice cream boxes for the whole team. Yes, to some seriously creative flavor combos (Raspberry Wasabi…whaaa), yes, to the sans dairy squad (loving Salty Beach), and so much yes for helping us stay cool in this Miami heat with 18 rotating flavors at all times.

Photo: FujiFilmGirl

Azucar Ice Cream

Havana oh na-na. You haven’t truly experienced Little Havana if you have yet to stop into Azucar. It’s hard to miss (See: 20 ft. ice cream sculpture above store entrance) and it’s Cuban-inspired flavors keep us coming back for thirds more than we care to admit. Go ahead and slow down the crazy long line while you try all the flavors, or take our word for it and go triple scoop: Abuela Maria, Willy Chirino, and El Mani Loco.

Photo: Uber Eats

Cover photo: Bake