What Miami once lacked and needed so much within its community has at last been granted. This unraveling of new locations for skate parks has been popping up across the city. Skating culture has been instilled within many youth and adults alike for many years and is steadily pursued by a vast majority. Living here and witnessing the transition of seeing empty lots and streets filled by skating individuals to now packed skate parks has brought the skating community together and as tight as ever. Whether its boards, rollerblades, bikes or another activity involving wheels, these locations welcome everyone. If you simply enjoy sitting back and admiring the atmosphere or need a new spot to scrape your wheels, then here are a few local parks you can scope out if you haven’t already.

North Beach Public Skate Park

This park has brought out all the skaters around the neighborhood and has created an energetic and joyful atmosphere for everyone to relish in. Just having opened last year in 2018, the North Beach Public Skatepark has been a nonstop spot for skaters to stop by to curve and trick out. Never an empty pit and on the daily you can see five to twenty skaters at this park enjoying themselves. A greater location could not have been better suited for this skatepark to have been built on. Being located at a perfect medium between suburbs and city outskirts, in a central area like North Beach where it’s accessibility for students, youths in general, and adults is efficient, it’s a treat for many.
Address: 200 82nd St, Miami Beach, FL 33141. Opening hours: 9am-7:30pm

Pump Track Miami

Another great addition to the group of newly built skateparks that is a must to mention is the Haulover Pump Track and Skatepark just over the bridge of Bal Harbour. This park is unlike the others in the sense that it is heavily filled with the likes of more bike, scooter, and blading-based individuals rather than a larger skateboarding crowd. But it welcomes all wheelers just the same! It was just added last year as well and has been an incredible location that has magnetized a large population of people. A great outlet to express yourself and get that adrenaline going. Come on down to this rad spot near the ocean and palm trees.
Address: 10800 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33154. Opening hours: 8am-7pm

Photo: Miami New Times

Lot 11

A new project that has been opened to the public since its welcoming in 2016. Lot 11 is an open space skatepark located under the I-95 highway that includes ramps, rails and even picnic tables to hang out at and relax with friends. Lot 11 is partly undergoing a rebuilding that is said to include many more ramps, grips and other additions. The completion is to be expected around September this year. At Miami’s urban core, many will get to delve and enjoy the proper skating experience, a growing sport that is gaining more attention. With an enormous space that contains multiple skate areas that cater to all skills and styles, this spot is a vital one to head to if you really want to get a feel for Miami’s city jungle and urban culture.
Address: NW 1st St & Northwest 3rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33128. Opening hours: 24 hours

Photo: young wild dreams

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Cover photo by Skate Free.