Aren’t best friends the greatest people on planet Earth? Let’s face it. They are people in your life you actually choose to hang out with it. They practically make you thank the universe for allowing the two of you to exist in the same time and space. While hanging out with this person on your couch can sometimes always be enough, sometimes it’s nice to venture out and try some new (or old) activities together so we’ve broken some fun ones down:


Attending a CreativeMornings session once a month is always a good way to get a good conversation going. It sparks topics that you wouldn’t normally discuss on an everyday basis with your bestie and also gives you the opportunity to explore a different venue in Miami AND score a free breakfast. You’ll probably be forced to speak with other attendees but circling back to your best friend is the best part!

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Become Story Nerds

Joining a book club together is a great way to elevate each other’s mindset. There’s nothing like a good discussion on whether or not you are intrigued by the plot, characters and setting of a story. Miami Beach Botanical Garden has a fun monthly gathering, and catching a talk at Books & Books is always a great idea. However, if you’re not into reading, then simultaneously watching a Netflix series is always a good idea, too! Lately, we’re very much into Stranger Things Season 3 and The Society. Speaking of storylines, did you know every Tuesday, the theater chain, AMC, offers $5 Ticket Tuesdays for members? Funny enough, membership is FREE for the basic loyalty program. Easy way to catch up and while on a budget.

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Get Outdoors-y

Renting bikes and exploring the city is also another fun way to bond with your bestie. Pack up your lunch and eat by the park or make a stop at the restaurant of your choice. There’s a ton of bike trails you can choose from, and we love those around Bill Baggs Cape Florida. If you’re in Virginia Key, rent yourselves a two person kayak and move through the beautiful mangroves into the Miami skyline for the ultimate view of the city.

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Learn an Old School Game

Nothing says best friends like a good match of chess. Dominate your bestie at a well played round at the South Miami Chess Club, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. That’s what being the Maverick to a Goose is all about, right?

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Make Some Moves

It takes two to tango! Practice your tango moves with your bestie or learn how to line dance at the Round Up. Or, head to Show Stoppers in Hialeah and get into some hip hop goodness. Either way, giddy up or giddy out! Yoga at the Kampong Gardens is always a great way to spend time together, exercise, and visit a historic spot. I bet you’ll both leave feeling productive and peaceful.

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Hope you enjoy these activities with your best friend! At the end of the day it’s about spending time together and motivating each other to stay interesting, smart and open to all possibilities.

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Hiya! I am a Miami, Florida local with Cuban-Lebanese descent. Proud UM grad. You can catch me eating delicious foods or sweating them out. @cyndihad