For anyone who has made its way over to Coconut Grove in recent months, you’ll have noticed that the neighborhood is undergoing some serious changes. For one, the crowned jewel and bustling epicenter that was once CocoWalk is now a construction site, poised to become another industrial-meets-multi-purpose destination. Beloved spots have long-since moved on and the traffic flows to a different beat. However, the historical area still returns its unique charm and the many small businesses that keep it afloat are as proud as ever.

Earlier last year, we partnered with the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District on a thoughtful way to shed light on the neighborhood’s magic and bring move people to those businesses in need of support. So we developed four distinctly colorful events, each one emphasizing a different set of shops and pop-ups, music scenes, and community pillars. After over eight months of outreach, storytelling, and events, let’s take a look at what went down:

Four New Concepts

“It’s great to see well organized events that promote music, art and culture back in Coconut Grove. Prism has done an amazing job at bringing creativity, energy and fun to our neighborhood.” – Dan Travieso, Coconut Groove

As we mentioned, at the center of the partnership and initiative were four distinctly different events, each one meant to bring about a specifically “Grove” feeling. It started with the Permanent Vacation Block Party in January, which sought to spotlight the Island feel that the very chill neighborhood oozes on a daily basis. Then came the French Quarter Block Party, a nod to Coconut Grove’s neighborly affection and seriously delicious food scene (just like NOLA). Following that came our Tribute to Woodstock concert that took over Peacock Park with its obvious reference to the neighborhood’s close ties with the hippie culture and the 60s roots. All culminating in our take on their Fourth of July Fireworks Show this past weekend emphasizing what Coconut Grove does best: community.

Over 10,000 Attendees

“These events are celebrations of the Coconut Grove lifestyle. It really brings the community out and together! It’s been really special and makes me proud to call myself a Grovite.” – Zach Pariser, Coconut Grove resident

With these four events, each one gathering more steam than the last, we were able to bring more eyes to the neighborhood for the best reason: to have a good time. Over 17,000 people RSVPd, and the overall storytelling campaign engaged with over 500,000 people all in an effort to bring the spotlight back to the neighborhood. Two block parties took over central streets and brought traffic to the surrounding businesses and eateries. One concert led many to spend an entire day at a historical park, one they usually see under a different light. And another reminded attendees that events are more than just to drink and jam, but to connect with their surroundings and the people around them.

Dozens of Local Businesses Helped

“Community events put on by the Prism Creative Group give us the opportunity to raise awareness for our brand and highlight our offsite catering capabilities. They are so much fun and more of these events are a must!” -Spillover, Coconut Grove

As our city undergoes infrastructure and aesthetic changes, the first people to feel the difference are the surrounding businesses. If there’s any kind of change in traffic, they know it. Over the course of these four events, nearly 15 neighborhood businesses were activated on-site through pop-ups and other activations. On top of those, another 25+ were brought in to get a taste of the action and build a stronger community for all. Not to mention that overall, 6 South Florida bands were given the microphone to spread their musical magic.

Photos by FujiFilmGirl. Video by VACO Studio.

And if you haven’t seen our neighborhood map designed by local illustrator, Beth Rhodes, check it below!