When it comes to travel, wanderers are looking for more than just a tourist’s view on where to visit around the world. They want to get to know the places, and namely the people that make their trips entirely memorable. In short, they’re looking for an experience. The first thing that turns a trip from travel to experience is the place you stay, the spot that becomes your home and that’s what Selina Hotels do perfectly well. With a near-unparalleled attention to detail, they know how to combine craftsmanship and artisanal skill together, while still keeping the energy of the surrounding location in tact–all while supporting local creatives.

Photo: Forbes

5 years ago, Selina founders Rafael Museri and Daniel Rudasevski picked a small surf town in Panama as the first of its fleet of beautifully curated, low-key hostel-like hotels that caters to what they’ve aptly coined as ‘Digital Nomads’. Those comfortable in their hustle, hungry for adventure travelers who need just the right amount of inspiration, focus, and curiosity when they explore the world. From there, they found similarly charming towns along Central and South America’s breathtaking coasts and brought the Selina magic to more majestic countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Nicaragua and even all the way to Portugal. And if you didn’t already here from us, their first U.S. locations will be coming soon in Miami.

One amazing thing that sets the Selina brand apart is, of course, its wonderfully crafted aesthetics. A perfect blend of handmade wonders and sleek, subtle decor that all somehow works together to give you the impression it was just found there. This same core pillar will translate to their Miami locations and is already in the works with local artisans and maker spaces in their Now I Make campaign specific to the upcoming properties in their Miami fleet of Selina hostel-like hotels. Now I Make is an outside access into the behind the scenes of how Selina’s atmosphere is created from the ground up.

Their Miami initiative is operating out of the Little Haiti makerspace, Apiary, an anchor creative space for many local creatives in the community. Led by local artist, Cassandra Gutiérrez Oosthuysen co-founder of Estudio OOMO–a local creative design agency. She’s working with Miami builders and carpenters, Marlon Ammann of Holz Wood Shop and José Oldemburg to put together the sites’ furniture, decor pieces, and original overall look. Which, like their other properties around the world, perfectly compliments the home city and trademark tropical aesthetic.