As an avid cinephile child I would go to Miami Lakes movie theater and see two or three movies back-to-back. After school to movies at The Falls, Sunset Place, Dolphin Mall, Cocowalk and Lincoln Road. My grandfather in his nineties told me his secret to surviving the summer months in a humidity stricken city: he would take refuge in movie theaters and take a nap. I’m the first to binge watch a series, but going to local cinemas every week is incomparable. In Miami we are #blessed to have cultural havens year-round all over town. Going to the movies is my favorite pastime; here are some of my go-to movie theaters in Miami.

The city of Coral Gables has two gems of art-house cinemas: Coral Gables Art Cinema and University of Miami’s Bill Cosford Cinema. Check these two places out the next time you go to the movies. Screenings at these theaters are usually limited so pick up their calendars in advance to not miss the chance to see brilliant independent and foreign films in Miami. It’s also meaningful to support your local cinema and become a patron in the city’s cultural affairs.

Photo by FujiFilmGirl

If you want to see a movie at one of Miami’s treasured cultural landmarks, Miami Dade College’s Tower Theater on Calle Ocho is the place you’re looking for. The historic theatre opened in 1926 with the silent film, The Palm Beach Girl. In the 1960’s with a vast population of Spanish speaking audiences, the theatre added Spanish subtitles to its films. Tower Theater holds international premiers and one of the best things about the film circuit in Miami is having the opportunity to see a film where the director, actors, and producers are present. If you’re interested in these sort of events check out the theater’s program for more info.

Photo by Tower Theater

Noteworthy cinemas on the beach are perfect escapes to a weekly routine. Two cinemas conserving patrimonial buildings are Miami Beach Cinematheque located at Historic City Hall and home of the Miami Beach Film Society, and O Cinema which is currently located on 500 71 street at the former Byron Carlyle Theatre in North Beach. Both of these cinema houses have made a name for themselves at other locations before finding their current homes in historic buildings. Miami Beach Cinematheque projected films and housed Oscar film screenings for many years on Española Way. O Cinema was one of Wynwood’s best kept secrets. Add these cinemas to your cultural radar for a movie during the day or night in Miami Beach.

Photo of MBC by Miami New Times

The five aforementioned theaters have in their own ways helped preserve Miami’s culture. You can check out documentaries, local and international films at each location. Visit each one and buy a ticket in person or on their webpages and keep going to the movies in Miami. There are also many new mainstream movie theaters all around Miami: Brickell City Centre, Doral City Place, Spotlight in Downtown, the Landmark at Merrick Park. As a local, take in the visual experience, hopefully something that can still be experienced when seeing a film in the format it was meant to be projected. Take advantage of Miami’s cultural offerings, films included. Support your local cinema and check out a cultural venue near you; torrential rain, unbearable humidity or shine, movie theaters are open 365 in the 305.

Cover photo by TripSavvy