Well, not anymore. As we grow into a more eco and culinary conscious society, purveyors in the slow food movement are rising to the forefront. People want to know what’s on their plate and with that, where the food came from. Just when we thought markets were fleeting, they’ve made an epic comeback and there’s no better market than Hollywood’s own, Yellow Green Farmers Market.

Driving up, you’ll immediately realize that there’s nothing average about Yellow Green. For starters, it towers over itself at a cool 100,000 square feet of fully local goodness. Home to over 300 vendors, it’s South Florida’s largest farmers market. From basically every ethnic flavor under the sun and homegrown produce, to arts & crafts, hidden bars, and even massages – Yellow Green Farmers Market has it all. And that’s before you even step outside! Before you start to get intimidated by all the decisions you’ll have to make, we’re here to help you plan your trip with these pro tips and personal favorites.

Bring Your Bags (and Bottles).

Yellow Green’s primary purpose is to promote a healthy, sustainable, and eco-conscious lifestyle. So bring all those reusable bags you keep promising yourself you’ll start using and make this your first step. Vendors have bags to give you, but it feels so much better when you come prepared. The olive vendor, with dozens of apperitifs and oils, also lets your own bottle to fill up with one of their many flavored oils.

Come Hungry.

We’re not kidding. Nearly every vendor is more than happy to hand out samples, but don’t get full from that. Make your rounds and purchase anything that looks can’t-miss delicious. Case in point: the outdoor, Parguito Gourmet that serves empanadas the size of your face all the way from the tiny Margarita Island. There’s also a backyard restaurant, Chillbar, that ranks as the 8th best brunch in South Florida according to Yelp.

Vegans, Don’t Despair.

While we might be talking about juicy, non-veggie dishes, there’s actually an amazing amount of vegan and vegetarian options all around the market. From one of the only Ethiopian spots in South Florida and flavorful Indian curries, to a great selection of lighter fare and freshly-cut fruits. Don’t skip the refreshing fruit juices too.

Don’t Come Alone.

Not only will it help you try even more things, but Yellow Green is entirely family (and dog!) friendly. They have live music every weekend, kids vendors and crafts, and tons of dog treat options for the furry friends in your life. It’s honestly the perfect activity to do with a group, spend the day having a blast and getting lost together.

Save Room for Dessert.

This might be hard, especially since our eyes are always, ALWAYS, bigger than our stomachs, but Yellow Green doesn’t play around with its sweet options. There’s the Wynwood favorite, Pink Pie serving up mini goodies with a side of childhood nostalgia. There’s a plethora of donuts and fruit-based desserts. There’s even family recipes of homemade chocolates, cakes, and pastries galore.

Focus on the Artisans.

While we might be boasting about all the food and produce treasures, the market is also home to plenty of handmade treasures too. Nestled along the rows of teas and spices you’ll discover vintage and ethically-made clothing, art, jewelry, candles, beauty products, essential oils, and even treatments like massages and Reiki sessions.

Take it Easy.

Like we said, don’t get anxious from the amount of options. Take your shopping cart to one of several bars and grab a craft brew, frozen sangria, or a freshly-made strawberry margarita, and stroll through the space however you want – there’s no wrong way about it!

Photos and video by Vaco Studio.