Donut or Doughnut, the rule still applies: these O-shaped goodies rank on the top of our list as one of our favorite sweets. Over the past few years, and alongside the overall shift toward hand-made and slow-cooked food, Miami’s artisanal donut scene has popped off and we’re not complaining. Nowadays it seems that nearly every neighborhood has their own shop to boast about, and every local has a favorite to take pride in. In honor of National Donut Day (today!), we’ve broken down Miami’s best spots for the beloved dessert (or breakfast or snack).

Mojo Donuts

While the original Mojo Donuts opened in Pembroke Pines back in 2013, the rallying cry for their delicious creations was heard almost immediately and they brought Mojo down to Westchester not long after. Their Miami location offers fried chicken along with their signature donuts, but we look out for their crazy flavor pairings here. You have classics like strawberry and cream-filled, but then cheat day-worthy options like Nutella strawberry and mile high s’mores.

Photo: Sprinkles For Breakfast

Velvet Creme

Velvet Creme Doughnut & Coffee Company was originally established in 1947 like the true OG that it is. The nostalgic hint in its Little Havana store is nearly identical to when it first started, just like its donut recipe. Like the true vintage coffee & donut shop, you are immediately greeted by the smell of fresh-brewed cups and sugary delights in the air. A cop could be gladly enjoying their breakfast bite at a nearby table and you wouldn’t flinch. It’s that natural. They’re donuts are your classic, glazed and frosted kind with some specialty options that never stray too far from the original.

Photo: Miami New Times

The Salty Donut

Of course we couldn’t have a donut roundup without everyone’s current artisanal crush: The Salty Donut. What started as a pop up in Wynwood is now a Miami favorite, with a recently opened second store in South Miami. Their coffee program is already among the best in the city, but let’s get to the donuts. They’re the masters at the cakey version of the baked good, but it’s their Miami-themed ones that really bring people back. Tres leches donut? What? Guava and cheese? Huh? Vegan options? While your eyes want to order the craziest ones on display, don’t overlook the Brown Butter Sea Salt, it’s our absolute favorite.

Photo: Miami New Times

Honeybee Doughnuts

Honeybee Doughnuts is that bale shop that feels and tastes like something your grandmother would’ve made for you. You can honestly feel the handmade soul in every detail. It’s cozy and friendly, and yeah okay let’s talk about the donuts. Similar to Velvet Creme these are your traditional, fluffy kind with subtle toppings and nothing that’s too insulting to true donut connoisseurs like ourselves. There’s simple powdered sugar and glazed, with some fun items like frutti pebbles, peanut butter, and even matcha thrown in there. On Wednesday and Saturdays they have specialty donuts, but you can always wash it down with some Panther coffee in store.

Photo: SoundBite Magazine

Happy Place Donuts

Now this shop is for the more imaginative of the donut-seeking bunch. Happy Place Donuts is just that, a place where you can run wild with flavors and colorful creations. It’s basically what the inside of a 6-year old’s brain looks like. It’s from the team behind the Sugar Factory, after all. Located on Espanola Way, the large donut boutique is home to some pretty fun selections. They have signature donuts like classic glazed and their happy donut, to specialty donuts like whites chocolate strawberry cheesecake, a cotton candy rainbow donut, pretzel-covered dulce de leche, and even the nebula with edible galaxy glitter and stars.

Photo: Gothamist


You might be asking yourself: “what? This is a joke, right?” Before you poo poo us, know this first: Publix is life. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, if any of you are lucky enough to have a nearby Publix with a dank bakery section, we highly recommend dabbling into their donut selection. It’s simple but worth it. Go in the morning when the croquetas and other baked goods are fresh.

Photo: Elena Elisseeva

Bake Shack

Whenever you’re North, we highly suggest making a slight detour to Dania Beach for this bakery gem. Bake Shack is a sweet tooth’s dream, with all kinds of freshly-made options outside of just donuts. But it’s donuts we’re here for so donuts we’ll cover. Their options are so stellar, each one is more decadent than the next. You’ll have the usual suspects like maple bacon or rainbow sprinkle, even a little cookies and cream and cinnamon swirl to get you in the mood. But then there are those daily specials like Mexican hot chocolate or Creme Brûlée that’ll bring you right back the same time next week.

Photo: @bythedozen