For a city as diverse as Miami, inclusivity HAS to be the name of the game in order for us to pull through and survive together. While the city has had a long history of LGBTQ communities across town, we’ve seen a strong growth in more and more collectives popping up in support over recent years. Which is a series of small wins in a very, very large battle. It doesn’t matter how you identify, making everyone feel safe and welcome is a #1 priority. So in honor of Pride Month, we’ve spotlighted some dope orgs throwing great events and spreading the love around Miami:


(F)empower is an artist collective and movement to empower femmes in South Florida, no matter the gender or sexual identity. They’ve been proud supporters of female activism in every avenue from boosting the number of chick DJs to hosting rad happy hours and workshops for everyone to connect. This month, they’re hosting a happy hour on June 7th in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month with a poetry workshop to boot. RSVP here.

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Pridelines has been at the forefront of inciting social change around LGBTQ communities for years. Their mission is “To support, educate and empower South Florida’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth and community in safe and diverse spaces to promote dialogue, wellness, and to foster social change” and are a community center for many looking for safety in an evolving social climate. While they might not have any events planned this month, you can always donate to help keep the non-profit alive.

Photo from Pridelines

Double Stubble

Many of us know Double Stubble as the vivacious weekly dance party held every Thursday at Gramps in Wynwood. What started as a monthly, eventually became was the Winner of “Best Monthly Gay Party” (from Miami New Times 2015) and transformed into a weekly just three years ago. You can expect funky, local resident DJs, drag performances, and catwalks — everything that brings out the inner theatrics in all of us. They have tons of great collaborations coming up this month so check out the calendar.

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TransInclusive Group (TIG) is a Trans led organization advocating and working with community partners and stakeholders in efforts to build relationships to end discrimination and marginalization around the Trans community. Through their tireless efforts, they’re looking to give people the tools to overcome discrimination, stigma, and bridge the gaps in racial disparities in healthcare, employment, education, and housing. Throughout the year, they work on large-scale events but you can also donate to keep the hope alive.

Photo by TIG

Aqua Foundation for Women

The Aqua Foundation for Women‘s mission is to serve and support the lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community in South Florida through grants, scholarships, and initiatives. They foster philanthropy through volunteer programs, provide mentorship for women in multiple aspects of their lives, and create an open dialogue with our community through strategic partnerships and relationships. In other words, they help make opportunities and support possible when it’s needed the most. They host fun meet-ups through out the year but you can learn more about their leadership circle, how to sponsor and become a volunteer here.

Photo by Aqua

Gender Blender

Gender Blender’s Mission is to provide a safe space for self-expression through performance and visual art. They host Miami’s only event dedicated to showcasing LGBTQ+ musicians and talent. They further achieve this goal by partnering with various organizations to create social change through the power of art. Case in point: Las Rosas’ B-SIDE monthly event. This month, they’re going all out with Black Market for Las Rosas’ 2-year anniversary and they can expect you there.

Photo from Gender Blender

Gay8 Festival

Gay8 (“Gay Ocho”) is a Hispanic/Latino LGBTQ art, music, dance, food and cultural street festival in Miami. Three years ago, Damian Pardo and Joe Cardona noticed a void in Miami’s Latin LGBTQ scene and created Gay8 Festival to help speak to that community. The festival was an instant hit and, after three years, has been able to garner some big supporters including collaborations with beloved local artists and collectives, and the above mentioned Pridelines. Find out more about the festival and how you can get involved before next year’s big shebang here.

Photo by Gay Travel 4 U

Catwalk Miami

Catwalk is Miami’s premiere monthly Vogue night. But it’s more than just dancing and putting every fierce fiber of your body out there for everyone to see. Hosted by Gooddroid, Bonnie Beats and Nightdrive Miami Catwalk is a night of dance meets fashion, featuring a Vogue performance category that is open to all. This month, during Wynwood Pride, they’re having two huge nights of vogue including a Royal Rumble complete with MCs and resident DJs and prize money and oh yeah! Dance. Get more info here.

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Wynwood Pride

Miami is finally joining the national June “Pride Month” calendar with the Inaugural Pride Music Festival. The local community will celebrate the full spectrum of diversity in the center of Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, benefiting our 3 nonprofit partners Pridelines (YOUTH), Survivors Pathway (HEALTH), and Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice (JUSTICE). Wynwood Pride is taking over the Wynwood Marketplace for three days of celebrations, dance performances, big-name LGBTQIA performers, battles, and so much more. It all culminates in this free three-day festival you can’t miss. RSVP here.

Photo of Ivy Queen by Remezcla

Cover photo by Miami Herald.