Finding good dim sum in Miami is rare, finding a spot that serves it all day every day is precious. For years, Kon Chau has been sitting silently, nestled comfortably in a strip mall along Bird Road, serving undercover foodies and regulars until their heart’s content. It’s not a white cloth kind of establishment, but one that proudly shows off its flavorful classics on its menus and along its walls.

For many, the West Miami outpost is dim sum bae, a unicorn of a spot with a limitless selection of dumplings, savory pancakes, and sticky buns. It all starts off with a revitalizing cup of tea to get the stomach (and the decision-making) settled. Don’t let the anxiety levels spike when you see just how many options you have to choose from, we promise you can’t go wrong. Some of our favorites were the mushroom and leek, fried pork, and the sesame bun for dessert. Come on the weekends and taste some of their most popular items only available during specialty brunch.

All photos by FujiFilmGirl.

8376 SW 40th ST

Mon – Sat: 11:00AM – 9:45PM
Sun: 10:00AM – 9:30PM