Little Haiti has long been one of Miami’s most historically vibrant neighborhoods, sharing the cultural pride with the whole city along the way. Few buildings are as recognizable as the colorful and tropical facade of the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, or dishes as flavorful as those that can be enjoyed in the area. In anticipation of the upcoming Sounds of Little Haiti celebration on May 17th where they’ll be bringing legendary artists System Band and Skah Shah FOR FREE, we asked some of the neighborhood’s heaviest hitters just what Little Haiti means to them. Take a look at their heartfelt responses:

Sandy Dorsainvil

Founder, Sounds of Little Haiti

“Little Haiti is home to me. It is where I can let my hair down. It is where I celebrate my culture and all its intricacies. It is where I honor the legacy of my forefathers. Little Haiti represents all that it means to be Haitian-American for me. It is the best of both worlds….Haiti and America. Little makes me proud to be me and it makes me love who we are becoming as a Haitian-American community.”

Photo by Miami and The Beaches


Owner, Bon Gout BBQ

“It’s my World right now. I love #LittleHaitiBaby”

Rod Deal


“Little Haiti means a whole lot of griot, art, and a small passion fruit drink that translates to silk panties in creole to me. All of the art in the city is teleported to this district and the deep cultural spirit of the Haitian people will always make lil Haiti be holy land in Miami Dade.”

Najja Moon

Co-Founder, The BLCK Family

“Little Haiti is a constant reminder to move in gratitude. It is a blessing to live here in the midst of the people whose ancestors started a revolution and set a precedent cultivating the first Black republic.”

Jean Cidelca

Head of Operations, Little Haiti Tap Tap Tours

“Little Haiti is one of Miami’s best kept secrets that showcases authentic Haitian/Afro-Caribbean art, music, heritage and cuisine. As a place where I live, work and play, it reminds me of my native country and I am thankful to call it home.”

Photo by Visit Florida

Abraham Metellus

Manager, Little Haiti Cultural Complex

“Little Haiti is home to me. It’s a place where I get to honor my heritage and culture. As the manager of the Cultural Complex, it is my vision for this Complex to be a hub and catalyst for Haitian/Afro-Caribbean art, culture and community. Little Haiti is a cultural gem where both Haitian-Americans and visitors can experience the contributions that the Haitian community has made to the City of Miami’s prosperity and growth. It’s also a place where we get to celebrate the impact that this community has had in the arts, culture, our local economy, arts and political life.”

Kimberly Green

Founder, Green Family Foundation

“Little Haiti Is the vibrancy of culture. It resonates with the sounds and colors of Haiti meshed with the cool breeze of Miami’s energy and uniqueness. Little Haiti means the determination of identity and history of a people. Little Haiti is life!”

Nathan (Nate Dee) Delinois


“To me Little Haiti represents a varied and authentic connection to culture through the arts, dance, music and food.. that is potentially threatened if progress through development isn’t achieved in a mindful way that’s inclusive of those that give the area its richness of character.”

Photo by Midtown Miami Magazine

Cover photo by Miami and The Beaches.