Nostalgia is something we look for when we want to evoke the musical stylings of the past. It’s the reason why genres like jazz, blues, and folk have all managed to stay alive even in such a fast-paced world. Artists like Yamit & The Vinyl Blvd make sure our sonic traditions stay relevant, and remarkably beautiful.

Like many of its vibrant residents, Yamit and the band bring something worldly to Miami. They are the preservationists ensuring that our past role in the golden era of jazz performances, smokey saloons, and true sophistication still remains. Their music is every bit a slice of the 1920s – 60s and the Art Deco architecture so indicative of this city.

Born in Israel, Yamit Lemoine began her training in voice and classical violin at the age of five. She was raised in Toronto, where she developed her love for Jazz, Soul, Blues and Broadway styles. Through love for all things music, she’s taken her talents around the world to Canada, the US, the Caribbean, and even her home country of Israel. All of her hard work and multi-disciplinary career has brought her to the release of their first album, Yamit & The Vinyl Blvd: Ain’t No Misbehavin’ today, May 3rd.

When catching them around town, you might be happy to encounter some jazz favorites and standards, easily crooned by the songstress at the helm. But you’ll also find a refreshing take on a genre that many might feel intimidated by, which is what their debut album has been able to accomplish. It transports you to another time, while making you feel entirely comfortable with being right at home.