We know that nightlife reign supreme in Miami, and that usually means an excuse to get wasted rather than enjoy good company and great music. The stereotype has blackouts taking precedent for a reason. Actually, our city actually has a vibrant variety of dance-fueled getdowns for every music lover. More than just great bookings by Miami’s musical elite, we’re talking about the weekly or monthly parties that have been consistently throwing down the best excuses to dance. From transformative Tulum-inspired experiences and world movement parties to classic hip hop throwdowns, here are some of our favorite repeat events to actually dance at:


DJ Kumi is an OG name in the Miami music scene. He’s leant his ample knowledge of music at resident spots like Wood Tavern and his WDNA Radio broadcast, Brainville for years. He has also given Gramps a weekly Excursions dance jam every Friday and each one is funkier than the next. His guests are his friends and any other collaborators he brings in have been personally curated to fit the already great vibes.

Photo by Alex Markow for Miami New Times

Tropico Virgo

Few Djs in Miami are as funky as Patrick Walsh. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because somehow he’s had his hand in nearly everything. From bookings at stellar places like Floyd Miami, Space, and even The Corner, to being one of two great souls behind local radio station, KlangboxFM, he truly has his finger on the pulse in the best way. Tropico Virgo has moved around but it seems that its found a new monthly home at Las Rosas. We can’t wait to get down to him and Terence Tabeau, one of our all-time favorite all-vinyl DJs.

Future Steps

Future Steps is a global movement of dancers, artists, musicians, DJs and creatives. They produce dance-fueled events all over the world and have been sprinkling Miami with that same juju. They’ve been around for a little over two years and have thrown some sweaty dance parties all over town from 1306 and Floyd, to Gramps and Coyo Taco.

Photo by Future Steps


Very few parties in Miami are about genuine connection rather than to “see and be seen.” While much of the city focuses on surface-oriented lifestyles, the guys of Soundtuary are dead-set on bringing music and artistry back to the forefront with every jungle-filled party they throw. They have monthlies at the SLS South Beach hotel where they transform the space into a spiritual reservoir of instrumental music, indigenous rituals, sacred nature, pop-up performances, sunset DJ jams, and all the perfect energy you need for lasting friendships and a true bond with music.

Tribu by Soundtuary x Soyser Aftermovie (long) – March 16 from Soundtuary on Vimeo.

Ball & Chain

While the Calle Ocho anchor is well known for always being filled with music and dance, Ball & Chain is also the home for some of the city’s best and most well-known acts. Once a month and usually on a Friday, they invite the Latin funk favorite, PALO! onto that pineapple stage for an epic salsa dance party where everyone is invited to shake it. If you want to experience the space when its not filled with congas and horns, their Pineapple Sunday series is great for every jazz and funk lover out there.

Photo by Ball & Chain


Las Rosas has quickly climbed up our list of favorite dive bars in the city for its eclectic music, cheap drinks, dark rooms, and good hangs. They have so many great shows spanning all of the genres, particularly indie and underground goodness, that it’s almost impossible not to find something fun there. FLEX! is the latest series to hit the Rosas stage, focusing on experimental dance and everything in between. It might not be the most consistently scheduled, but then again, what is at Las Rosas?

Photo by Miami New Times


While DJs have their home at Las Rosas too, it’s known for its live music scene where rock, alternative, and indie reign supreme. Honey is a new funk and soul party that has already started its own little movement at the Allapattah bar, put on by some of the oldest cats in Miami’s resurgent funk scene. They feature great local artists and bring out emerging talents from around the country too. Again, it doesn’t have a specific day of the month or week, so just keep an eye out for when they happen!


This one might be the biggest name on the list, but it can’t go unmentioned. Daybreaker is an international movement dedicated to the idea of sober fun. It starts with a thought-evoking wellness session (or multiple options depending on the weekend), and eventually transforms into this all-out dance party with pop-up performances, singers, projections, and all kinds of fun. Each one is themed and they happen every month so you can definitely turn it into a recurring thing to do with friends.

Photo by Daybreaker


Cheeky and witty names aside, RnBae is a local musical collective that spotlights South Florida’s rarely tapped into R&B scene. They produce showcases, concerts, album releases, listening parties, and all kinds of sexy activations around town that will make all of our middle school dance party memories come rolling back. They’ve had all kinds of dance parties where either DJs or vocalists are at the forefront but either way, they’re all smooth AF.

Photo by Select Magazine