Coworking for me has always been about its power to connect with people. Beyond just a productive space, I believe a healthy dose of human interaction is very important for our hardworking souls. From my experience, being able to brush shoulders in the same space with different people from all sorts of disciplines, has made the “networking” come naturally and even forged a handful of real deal friendships along the way. Granted all that takes time and patience, but coworking spaces provide the ideal environment for connection, all you have to do is show up and start working.

If you’re familiar with coworking and you’re part of the community of people who work remote or have a small team that collaborates in a shared office something really valuable just launched in Miami.

I’m talking about Deskpass, already operating in Chicago, NYC, LA, Austin, San Francisco, Denver, and Boston — Deskpass has thankfully now landed in Miami. While rounding up some of Dade County’s most creative places to work, Deskpass offers coworkers of the 305 access to hundreds of unique and productive workspaces across the country as it continues its steady growth. If you’re a frequent city hopper, that’s a pretty sweet thing for you. Plus, Deskpass offers a free month trial to newbies — so you can get in the door at some of the spaces you’ve been itching to scope out or perhaps discover a few new ones. It’s really a golden pass to start infiltrating the culture and meeting the makers in Miami.

Here’s a few spaces around Miami I recommend you spend some time.

The Lab Miami

I immediately felt warm and welcome here. The Lab is a very inviting and friendly space located in Wynwood catering to a multitude of creative business types. There’s a good mix of private office space and plenty of elbow-and-laptop room spread out among the common areas. Also, there’s a little gem of an outdoor area to breakaway. Located near Zak The Baker and The Wynwood Garage makes it great for lunchin’ and convenient for parking the ride. Just for fun, I’d also like to mention the extension cords hanging down from the ceilings was an interesting design element and it made me want to Tarzan above all the desks across the main floor. But for safety reasons, I kept that to my imagination.

Photo by Coworker

Ampersand Studios

A spacious and vibing industrial spot designed for visual production on the edge of Wynwood and Downtown. This recently opened space brings together some of the most creative minds in Miami, offering a full scale production set and studio on site to members. Along with all that, there’s plenty of space to hold a meeting or grab hot desk on the first floor. It’s also a functioning art gallery and yes, those giant Campbell’s soup cans in the photo are for sale.

Photo by Desktime

Building Co.

A great coworking space in Brickell focusing on emerging tech business and buzzing with good energy. Located near the Brickell City Centre and the urban core of Miami, it’s a perfect spot to get your bustle on and connect with some of Miami’s most motivated. There’s also a wide open rooftop area to remind yourself that working in Miami is as good as it gets.

Photo by Building Co.

Pipeline Brickell

Also in Brickell, located eight floors up and overlooking Brickell Ave is the well-run and well established Pipeline. Designed with a culture friendly business feeling, Pipeline offers exciting grounds for new connections and getting stuff done. Buzzing with members, small teams and a bustling community to start brushing shoulders with. There’s productive places to plug in and cozy couches to chill, and I feel compelled to also highlight the zen swing chairs, that I’m dreaming of installing on my balcony.

Photo by Desktime


With a handful of locations located around South Florida, I toured the Büro in Coconut Grove. A nice calming space with all the right stuff you need for crafting your business and creating and your days work. Enjoy the coziness of the Grove with great restaurants and eats just steps outside the space. Also kid friendly, so no stress if you need to bring the little ones.

Photo by Buro Miami

Made At The Citadel

This spot brings together the coworking community in up-and-coming neighborhood of Little River. Standing for Makers, Artists, Designers, and Entrepreneurs, MADE is one of the only co-working spaces that can truly lay claim to supporting the city’s growing creative scene. Some of Miami’s most influential organizations have called these halls home like III Points and Dream Defenders, and even Prism Creative Group has their office here. Probably one of the more chill spots to sprawl out on a desk, the co-working space is the sister location of the recently opened food hall, The Citadel, right across the street. Sustenance at all times throughout the day.


CIC Miami

There’s a lot of good things going on here. It’s a coworking space. It’s an office space. It’s even got a science lab. It’s pretty awesome. Located in the Converge Building this hub blends many different disciplines to be an all around center for innovation, education and community building. The people are friendly, the space is invigorating and the inspiring possibilities are bouncing off the walls and zipping through the halls. Frequent events keep everyone engaged, and the layout allows you to post up and choose from many different nooks and seating areas within a sprawling layout featuring funky, fine and functional furniture all in the name of bringing people together and the best ideas to fruition.

Photo by HuffPost

Of course, there’s WeWork, having worked there for a couple months, I will say that I enjoy it’s spaces and design, but the culture there wasn’t exactly my speed. Dare I say it felt a little overly competitive, nor was I into the price tag for their office spaces. But maybe that’s something that fuels your energy, so by all means, WeWork away. But from my point of view, it’s great to see so many new creative spaces popping up in Miami, and with a new way to access these environments and all of the culture that they have to offer, I’m really excited to get out there, start meeting new faces and seeing new places.

What about you? Are you already on the coworking scene? Where are some of your favorite places to work and connect with people in Miami?

Cover photo of Ampersand Studios from Desktime.