We stress Saturday here because, and let’s be honest, Sundays are rarely spent doing hard physical activity and usually reserved for some kind of binging–Netflix, food, or otherwise. It seems like every week, when the days count down and the weekend gets near, we find ourselves asking the same question: “what do we do this Saturday?” The problem comes when we focus on activities as events, shows, places to go rather than just great activities to plan with friends. The kind of time-passing fun stuff that doesn’t require a boat, spending too much money, or waiting in line for a drink. Here are some of our Saturday go-tos that make us fall in love with South Florida every time:

Bike Rides

There’s a reason why David Bryne says the best way to get to know any city is by bike. Whether you have a bike or not, Miami has some of the most scenic routes for every level. Renting a Citi Bike has become easier as more neighborhoods are on the rise, check out where they have rental stations and plan some great rides. Some of our absolute faves around town include: The Rickenbacker Causeway to Virginia Key, from North Beach down to South Pointe Park (make as many stops along the way for utmost experience), around Wynwood to avoid parking, weaving through the old residential neighborhoods of Coral Gables, starting at Cocoplum Circle and riding south down Old Cutler Road to Matheson Hammock through the mangroves and back up the Red Road Linear Bike Trail, or if you’re feeling real frisky: Shark Valley is a classic. Ask us for more, or tell us some of your favorites!

Photo by Daybyme

Brewery Tours

Okay, for many of us Saturdays wouldn’t be quite as epic without a cold beer in hand, and thankfully Miami’s craft beer scene is catching up to the trend. Many of us know that Wynwood is a great one-stop-shop for a brewery tour, boasting five stellar spots all within half a mile of one another for a true easy walk. Veza Sur Brewing Co. should be your first stop since it tends to get the most packed the quickest–makes sense though, the outdoor vibes and lighter beer selections are top notch. J. Wakefield next for some cheeky, pop culture-inspired taps. They usually have some fun food pop-ups on Saturdays too, so come hungry. Concrete Beach Brewery is best if you’re a beer nerd like me and like to do a large-scale brewery tour.

Photo of Veza Sur by Miami.Eater

Top off the breweries with the O.G., Wynwood Brewing Company for their ode-to-Miami beers and a welcome respite from the heat. Last on the list is Boxelder Craft Beer Market where you can taste some out of town beers as well as most of Miami’s remaining heavy-hitters that aren’t in Wynwood. Other favorite breweries of ours to visit and spend longer hours at are: Lincoln’s Beard for the young gun pride and fun entertainment, The Tank for their classy approach to brewing and sweepingly large hall, and MIA Brewing Co. because they have my all-time favorite Miami beer: The Megamix IPA.

Photo courtesy of Boxelder

Day Trips

You know we’re all about that Miami pride, but sometimes you just really want to get away, and that’s totally okay! Because supporting our neighboring cities and towns is just as important as supporting our own. There are so many things to do around us that we should (and have) to surround spots, but here are some of the show-stopping day trips that’ll leave you 100% fulfilled. Islamorada is a beautiful and short trip to take, running only about 1.5hrs from mid-Miami. There are great cantina bars, artisan compounds, The Florida Keys Brewing Co which usually has live music on Saturdays, and wonderful coffee shops (like Café Mocha which we love). Here’s our guide. Of course, Fort Lauderdale is a no-brainer, with its renown sandy beach, state parks, breweries, art districts, and easy 45 minute drive. Here’s our guide. We love West Palm Beach for many reasons, but mainly because we have a soft spot for emerging cities with art districts, food halls, local artisans, and funky Florida hangs. Here’s our guide.

Photo of Fort Lauderdale’s Park & Ocean by FujiFilmGirl

State Parks

Did you know that Florida has one of the highest amount of state parks in the country? Miami alone is home to some of the most unique parks in the country. Take Oleta State Park for example, the largest state park in an urban area in The U.S. and it’s one of the best places to rent a kayak and feel like Pocahontas. The Barnacle Historic State Park in the heart of Coconut Grove has a beautiful view of Biscayne Bay (another National Park), and is home to one of the last surviving hardwood hammocks in the city not to mention the oldest house in South Florida in its original location. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park not only has the oldest standing structure in greater Miami (the Cape Florida lighthouse) but it’s home to a beautiful natural beach, bike rentals and rides, yummy Marina-side restaurants, and tons of gazebos and park space for lazing away your Saturday with the family.

Photo of Oleta by Timeout

Exploring Neighborhoods

No that Miami’s magic is expanding truly across the city, this is the best time to go and discover the charm of each of our city’s corners, no matter how different they might be from where you currently live. And even though you might’ve already spent some time around these parts, there’s always something left to be uncovered. Take Little Havana for example, heavily trafficked for its Caribbean multi-cultural identity, but also home to some of the best ethnic foods in the city — note: Lung Yai Thai Tapas, Mexican, and Nicaraguan. Also home to some nice historical walks and Miami River escapes. Coconut Grove too, well-known for its historically verdant and charming streets, is also filled with great Bahamian finds like Shore to Door Fish Market. Then there’s Little Haiti and Little River, where although a lot of change is happening, still keep a tight tie to their original identities: roots and creativity with cultural marketplaces, food halls, and an abundance of art galleries. Take a deep dive into these neighborhoods and more in our series of neighborhood maps and itineraries.

Photo of Little Haiti Cultural Complex, Source Unknown

Long Drives

Okay, we all know that one of the main things that keeps us from bothering to leave our house and be social on the weekends is the heat. So, why not use the comfort of an air conditioned space and still be on the move to check cool things out? One of my favorite pastimes is driving around residential areas and checking out great houses and hidden gems. But even longer drives to farther treasure troves are always more appealing. Top of the list of course is The Redlands where, although fully packed with nurseries and farms, is also home to a large Mexican population boasting weekly food and produce markets, cultural entertainments, and a proximity to Homestead favorites like Robert is Here, Knaus Berry Farm, and Cauley Square.

Photo courtesy of Tea Room at Cauley Square

Cook Out at a Park

Finally, a personal weekend favorite is spending the week planning a perfect BBQ menu with your greatest group of friends and then watching it come to fruition at one of many gorgeous Miami parks. Getting there early and snagging the best, shady, and barbecue available spot is such an undercover pleasure. Hands down, the best park to spend the full day in a haze of beer, grilled goods, and laughter is at Alice C. Wainwright Park with is Pinewood greens and views of the bay. The park is so big that hundreds of groups can be there at the same time and still never bother each other. David T. Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove is another personal favorite, perfect for the more active groups of friends who like to partake in games of disc golf, volleyball, and bringing their furry friends to the dog park. Margaret Pace Park in downtown is one of Miami’s largest and also most active with dog-walkers, wellness classes, basketball games, volleyball, food trucks and so much more. Bring a blanket and feel the beat of a thriving city.

Photo of Kennedy Park by Miami New Times

Cover photo by FujiFilmGirl.