In every city you even think of visiting, you’ll most likely be told all the best tourist spots. That world-famous mural; that designer boutique. But where can you go to escape the tourist trap – to experience the culture. Where can you go, as a tourist, to feel like a local? Most tourists know that when you visit Miami, you HAVE to visit Wynwood – but how to find the true local spots? Don’t worry, we got you.

With the rise of Wynwood and its literal changing landscape comes the saturation of concepts and things to do that make it hard to decipher what’s real, what’s a robbery, and what’s an absolute classic. Aside from the Panther Coffee, Zak the Baker, Wood Tavern, Coyo Taco and The Salty Donuts of the world, there are still some great spots that still stand tall in their concept or haven’t yet caught the winds of trends. Check out our round up of hangouts with a serious stamp of local approval below:

For Coffee & Working

MIAM Cafe has remained a stronghold in Wynwood, serving up easily one of our favorite lattes in town. Their food is delicious (get the quiche!) and the space is perfect for working through the day thanks to its prime, light-filled location. For a more tucked away and hidden approach, Selina Brawlers is just your ticket. They’re an apparel store-turned-coffee shop where dimly-lit corners mix perfectly with their curated space and goodies.

Photo of Selina Brawlers from Biz Journals

For Alternative Activities

Now that Wynwood has been invaded with national and international businesses, it can be hard to find places to shop local. Have no fear, Wynwood Shop is here. The concept store is filled to the brim with art, handmade goods, prints, and artisanal creations all by local makers. Kuu Pottery is a great choice for alternative things to do, and they have super fun and intimate pottery classes throughout the year. Finally, if you’re looking to break a sweat, SOL Yoga is a favorite among locals for their infrared wellness classes…plus, it’s right across the street from Veza Sur Brewing where you can reward yourself for all the hard work.

Photo Courtesy of Wynwood Shop

For the Yummy Eats

Love Life Cafe is a great option for all those friends who are vegan or vegetarian-inclined. Their award-winning kitchen slings all-natural and locally-sourced creations that are to die for. One of our favorite happy hours in Wynwood lives at Le Chick, where freshly-made cocktails and succulent fried chicken reign supreme.Though the competition is fierce, we can proudly say that The Taco Stand is the local Wynwood spot for all your authentic Mexican-style food needs. The tortillas are made fresh to order. Yes, you read that right. Tucked along a side street and living a low-key life is Charly’s Vegan Tacos, where the food is so good you’ll have no idea that everything is plant-based.

Photo courtesy of Charly’s Vegan Tacos

For the Nightlife & Drinks

Although The Wynwood Yard is closing, we’ll still have its beautiful outdoor hangs to catch music from now until early May. With a focus on carefully crafted cocktails and attention to detail in every dish, Beaker + Grey always strives to deliver perfection. And with TWO happy hours; one starting from 4pm to 7pm Monday through Friday, and the other from 11pm to 2am Monday through Thursday, Beaker & Gray has unquestionably become every local’s favorite way to end the work day. For the underground and indie music scene, Gramps is the place to be. Their outdoor tiki stage is perfect for concerts and shows, and the Pizza Tropical pop-up slings some of the best slices and wings in the neighborhood. Finally, make sure to keep your eye out for The Light Box and whatever the Miami Light Project has going on, from local concerts by the city’s most innovative creative organizations, to intimate screenings and beyond.

Cover photo by TripAdvisor.