As a company made up of women, we take supporting fellow hard-working females seriously to heart. Giving women a space to grow and support each other is a whole other definition of “community”. With the popularity of places like The Wing in New York City, where co-working blends into sisterhood, it was only a matter of time until something this magical made its way to Miami. This is where Las Comadres comes in, a community of female entrepreneurs led by the ultimate supportress herself, Gabriela “Gaby” Guzman.

Warmly named “La Madrina,” Guzman has built her entire career of off helping others strengthen their skills and brands on paths toward fulfillment and success. For half a decade she’s hosted talks, workshops, and seminars in friendly spaces around the city that are geared to giving entrepreneurs the tools to turn passion into path. Over time, the groups became primarily female, which is where she noticed true magic coming to fruition. Last summer, Guzman founded Las Comadres after a high demand for more women-only meetings, and in just half a year, the community of women has grown to nearly 100. “We have everyone from women who dream of leaving their 9-5’s to women with established businesses – all seeking deeper connections, community and collaborations” said Gaby. “It’s a space where women can walk in and feel safe to be fully themselves.”

Guzman’s history with vocalizing female power started at a young age, battling the overt sexism of a Latin society. “I remember being a 7yr old feminist debating my teachers at school in Santo Domingo” she said. This became a steady theme in her life through her work with Planned Parenthood and later with her decision to work with women entrepreneurs. “It fills my heart when women start to dream big, trust their gifts, and go out and own it” said Guzman. “It’s even more thrilling when this effect gets amplified in a community of women who are committed to uplifting one another.”

Las Comadres is built around the magic of community–a safe, welcoming space where women are invited to show up authentically. At the heart of it is an online space where they can constantly share, learn, and collaborate with in-person meet-ups, too. They have everything from monthly co-working days, book clubs, special events, opportunities for Comadres to teach what they know, and an Accountability program. Once the Comadres overcome the initial awkwardness of meeting new people and get to know each other’s personal and professional stories more deeply, that’s where the true power of the community comes out. Over time, some of them have been so inspired, they take on leadership roles and become their own Madrinas.

The magic that has happened ranges from moon sister circles, to accountability strategy sessions, and even actively hiring and referring one another. As you can imagine, the success stories are many whether on their own or working together. From finding the right logo design for a new business bred from Comadres conversations and finding the strength to launch them, to priceless collaborations within the group that have taken several businesses to the next level of success. All with Guzman leading the pack with her big heart and business savvy skills. By giving women a space to be open, to be themselves, to be unapologetic and comfortable with their own power, Guzman is making strides in Miami’s bustling entrepreneurial scene. “I’m in this world to help women see and own their true power” said La Madrina. And thanks to her, we are.

For more information on how to support and join the community, head here.