January 23rd is a day everyone with a sweet tooth looks forward to: National Pie Day. Now we do know that a pie might be often overlooked on the list of desserts, but there’s a reason nearly every culture has their own version of the ooey gooey, crumbly, flaky deliciousness that is a good ol’ slice of pie. Of course dessert is something entirely personal, but here’s our list of favorite pies around Miami.

Crack: Fireman Derek’s

We can’t start the list without the obvious stop at Fireman Derek’s. The homemade shop became famous for their version of the “Crack Pie” and if you’ve ever had a bite, you know why. Although their other baked goods are just as delectable, there’s something about the blend of powdered sugar, caramel, and blondie crust that really speaks to us, you know?

Photo from Yelp.com

Key Lime: Tie – Joe’s Stone Crab & Kush Hospitality

This one we know is going to cause a civil war among Key Lime Pie lovers in South Florida. Some like it sweet, others like to physically taste the fresh pulp, but one thing’s for sure: Joe’s Stone Crab has been mastering the local dessert for decades. The only spot we feel comes close to the classic pie is over at any of the Kush outposts: Lokal, The Spillover, or Kush. Both entities have a perfect balance of tart, sweet, graham, and fluffy whipped cream.

Photo of Joe’s by Miami Eater

Chocolate: Tatore Ristorante Italiano

If you haven’t ventured up to North Miami Beach for a food tour, you’re missing out. One of our favorite gems is hidden next to a car wash and seems pretty nondescript at first glance. But Tatore is actually one of the most authentic Italian spots in town and their freshly made desserts, like their Mile High Chocolate Pie with a hidden layer of dulce de leche to boot.

The only photo that exists of the dessert by TripAdvisor

Fruit: Madruga Bakery

This South Miami treasure by a former Zak The Baker vet has gotten a serious cult following since it opened. They master freshly baked goods (obviously) but their seasonal desserts are what keep us coming back for more. Their fresh Strawberry Pie has gotten more praise than anything else and you have to taste it to believe it.

Photo by Madruga Bakery

Mini: Pink Pie

A great way to get your pie in without feeling bad about your diet is by eating mini pies like those at the celebrated Pink Pie in their newly-opened Wynwood flagship store. The Wynwood shop features a rotation of sweet options and savory options, with some flavors being part of the permanent menu and others change according to season and special holidays. Permanent flavors include Oreo Nutella and Key Lime, and they even have a savory menu.

Photo credit: JC Through the Lens

Quiche: Miam Café

Like key lime, Quiche is a very personal space. As self-proclaimed quiche addicts, we do stand behind the selection of savory slices at Miam Café in Wynwood. They have a rotating list of daily quiches but the consistency of how good each flavor is always surprises us. One thing stays the same: they’re all moist AND fluffy AND buttery AND flaky. BRB, getting quiche.

Photo by Miami New Times

Apple: Café Pastis

Okay, so a Tarte Tatin may not be a traditional apple pie by purist standards, but the flavors are all there. The myth stems from all the way back in the 1880s where a chef at the French Hotel Tatin tried to salvage an apple pie by top the caramelized apples with pastry dough and flipping it over, creating an upside down dessert. Since then, the alternative apple pie has been widely accepted around the world as a traditional French dessert and Miami’s Café Pastis makes one of the best in town.

Photo by Food & Wine

Don’t see your favorite on the list? Share yours with us!

Cover photo by DiningOut.