Miami has always been a fitness-minded city with citizens that just know how to find a balance between croquetas and burpees. But with so many new studios opening and endless workouts to try, it can get hard to find a place that moves you. We compiled a list of studios around Miami that aren’t just-another-yoga-studio or a huge gym where you feel like just-another-customer.

Republic of Movement

Photo by Republic of Movement

Every day, owners Sean and Aylin teach classes based on the the Ido Portal method, which combines things like Capoeira, Tai-Chi, and Gymnastics, to create new movement patterns in the body. More like a movement laboratory than a gym, don’t expect an instant gratification workout here. New students start from the basics and slowly work up. But a supportive community of consistent practitioners make even the most confusing exercises a fun challenge. We felt the soreness days later, so we figure there’s a method to the madness.

Classes are held in their Wynwood studio at 2021 Northwest 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL, 33127 Monday-Saturday.

Yoga Bootcamp at Nobe Yoga

Photo by Hoodline

Once a week, Joann Veger, otherwise known as J-Rok, turns this purely-yoga studio into a high intensity workout gem. As a Crossfit personal trainer with a nutrition and cycling background, J-Rok gets even the most devout yogi to lunge and crunch like their karma depends on it.

Yoga Bootcamp is every Friday from 12:30-1:30 at Nobe Yoga.

Morphe Life Fitness

Photo by Morphe Life

Equipped with a rock climbing wall and gravity training machines, this homey studio gives you the benefits of a personal trainer at the price of a group fitness class. In these intimate classes, Master Trainer, Roberto Santamarina, and his small team focus on grace and posture while slipping-in workouts that are as challenging as they are rewarding.

Right off Calle Ocho, classes are offered Monday-Sunday in Pilates, Rock Climbing, and more.

Element Aqua

Photo from Groupon

If you dislike the sweaty, harsh setting at most gyms, this place is for you. ElementAqua offers classes in everything from Aqua Cycling to Aqua Yoga while their sunlit indoor-pool and knowledgeable trainers lead targeted workouts that somehow make you feel like you’re just splashing around. They also offer a heated, 30-minute guided meditation once a month that sounds absolutely delicious.

Classes in the mornings and evenings every day of the week. Water Shoes, showers, and towels provided.


Photo by Budokon

The Budokon hype in Miami is certainly real, and with good reason. Budokon is based on principles of mobility, bodyweight exercises, martial arts, yoga, and animal movement. Creator and Miami-resident Cameron Shayne and his wife, Melayne, along with their devoted disciples, help people become integrally fit through ongoing daily classes, movement trainings, and teacher trainings.

Classes, offered every day at their studio near Wynwood, are membership-only, so no drop-ins.

A Miami Beach native, Allegra Preuss is a choreographer, yoga teacher, and writer. To find out more about her movement workshops visit her site and follow her @TheJellyfishJam