We know taste is personal, so we’re not going to break down what we think you should be doing during the most overwhelming culture experience to hit Miami every year, Art Basel. What we will do though, is make your scheduling a little easier. We’ve gone ahead and read virtually every Basel Guide out there and have broken down what each one offers you as a committed Culture Crusader. Check out our guide to the guides:

For the Locals

Photo by Arden Normany

Many Miamians have already been-there-done-that when it comes to Art Basel, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to partake. So since you know which places to stay away from and which spots are can’t-miss, it’s great to have Miami New Times‘ guide to the brewery events. Plus, Maisonette got out a sweet little guide to all the kid-friendly things to do.

Spotlights: Daily greatness at Boxelder Craft Beer Market in Wynwood, arts and crafts at Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, and furry polar bears at The Bass.

For the First-Timers

Photo by Art Basel

Whether or not you’ve been to Miami before, it’s important to note that the entire city is TOTALLY different during this week. So for those of you who are Basel first-timers, guides like Forbes‘ that break everything down easily for you to navigate the behemoth. Thirsty Mag does a great job of giving you great cocktail recommendations, and Art Net‘s guide is specific to breaking down each of the fairs.

Spotlights: All around guides to new galleries, bougie after parties, and the who’s who of which artists to look for at each satellite fair.

For the Veterans

Photo from Miami Indulge

It doesn’t matter if you’re from here or if you’ve come every year, over time you start to know whether to avoid and how to do Basel right. Indulge did an awesome job rounding up everything that’s new this year from galleries to openings and beyond. The newly launched art collective, Commissioner, released easily the most epic guide to Miami Art Week complete with artists to meet and what to do every night for the partier or the art aficionado and everyone in between.

Spotlights: The global galleries to look out for, and basically every tool that’ll make you feel like a veteran even if you’re not.

For those “On a Budget”

Photo by Sagamore Hotel

Everyone knows that a consecutive week of partying and ride-sharing can take a toll on your bank account so why not save money and just head to the free events instead? Your experience will be just as well-rounded and fulfilling. Our girl, Roam Free Writes and the awesome peeps at The New Tropic have the most comprehensive on-a-dime guide out there.

Spotlights: Events that reach as far down as Pinecrest so everyone can experience international awesomeness whether they come into the city or not.

For the Ragers

Photo courtesy of Paradigm Agency

We know that Art Basel was once exactly for, you guessed it, the art. But with most things in Miami, it’s also become a place to see and be seen. Massive musical lineups and exclusive parties sprinkle the city with some of the world’s greatest entertainers. Like every year, Miami New Times features the best in nightlife going down that week.

Spotlights: A full breakdown of the usual goodness like the III Points show with Flying Lotus, the Republic Records party at the Surf Lodge, and Rakastella’s stellar lineup on Saturday.

For the Art

Courtesy of Judy Chicago

Believe it or not, this whole thing is actually about the art and some of us are actively looking for some mind-blowing creative experiences. Artsy delivers yet another great guide of the best art galleries to visit, and Miami.com delivers a comprehensive look at fairs, shows, and museums and who’s behind them. Of course, there’s always Artsy with their fresh perspective of the best artists to catch.

Spotlights: The best of the best ranging from Fort Lauderdale, MOCA and even the Jewish Museum of Florida. Plus, a deep breakdown of the week with emerging and obscure artists.

For the FOMO

Photo by Tom Gould

And if you just need a one-stop-shop kind of thing, Timeout breaks down events and openings not to be missed. The New Tropic has another awesome guide that separates the top things to do by day, which is the best way to really do it. Midtown Miami Magazine also comes through with a great tool to get the most well-rounded experience no matter the level of art fandom.

Spotlights: Everything from Create + Cultivate’s Beauty Summit and Action Bronson’s show at Soho Studios, to where to start each night and which bars are the best to top it off at.

Cover photo: Fundacion PRADA