With Miami’s hot weather taking over much of the year, it’s no surprise that we’re in constant need of refreshing treats to keep us going. Bio Bio Gelato in Miami Beach is bringing us straight to the Italian cobblestoned streets with their authentic frozen goodies and we’ve become, well, a little addicted. The organic gelateria is a welcome addition to the growing ice cream trend in the city, but they’re bringing something a little deeper to the scene.

For 65 years the family has mastered the craft across the pond in their native country. With five locations across Italy in cities like Naples and Reggio Emilia, they took the leap and brought their craft over to the states with Miami Beach being their first American flagship. Customers will feel transported to the Italian coast thanks mostly in part to their high quality products and ingredients. Apart from the fresh fruits and milk being locally sourced, everything else is imported directly from their motherland. As true to the craft as can get, and you can taste the difference.

In a little under a year, Bio Bio has garnered somewhat of a local cult following. Much of that is thanks to their various options and even their vegan menu featuring fruit and nut milk-based gelato, and their dreamy array of slushees. Even their coffee is true to Italian form and organic. Although the gelateria isn’t franchised, they are easy to access thanks to thing like Uber Eats or their several event pop-ups. And soon, locals can get their scoops even sooner with a second location to open in Downtown in the spring. Whether you’re hankering for an indulgence or just want to appreciate a slice of Italy, this hidden gem is definitely where you should start.