Cannabidiol is no stranger to the 305. In fact, the THC-free hemp extract can be found in more than just oil-form (tinctures). Leave it to some of our local small biz entrepreneurs, who’ve added a touch of Miami to CBD, with flavored edibles and drinks! Today, we’re taking you on a virtual taste-test of a chill vibe:

Nightime Treats

Surely at one point, you’ve had a nibble of a special (cannabis) treat — causing hysterical laughter followed by a heavy nap sesh. Skip the high from marijuana and ease into a bite of chewy goodness with one of Courtney’s CBD Cookies. Devour the ‘Chill Out’ chocolate chip cookie with 25 milligrams of hemp oil, to get you through the day with calm breathing and focused thinking. For the combo pack to your best-sleep-of-life, try the ‘Nighty Night’ vanilla cookie! With 50 milligrams of CBD oil and 3 milligrams of melatonin, grab your almond milk.

Photos from Miami New Times

Kombucha Manifestation

Already an avid kombucha drinker? Even if you’re not, here’s the scoop — Brewing Life’s Hemp Kombucha is paving the way to clean digestive & immune systems. Available in two flavors, the Goji ‘N Berries felt like an instant mood booster and a massive chill altogether. Twelve fluid ounces and 20 milligrams of CBD oil later, and chugging from a brown glass bottle has never felt as invigorating. Fun fact: both Brewing Life and Courtney’s Cookies source their hemp oil from Physicians Preferred!

Photo courtesy of Brewing Life

Another Kind of Tea Time

If iced tea and lemonade are more your taste, try a generous sip of Hemplade Tea — a concoction of herbs and hemp stalk! It’s got a delicious kick to it because of the cayenne pepper and ginger, with a side of sweet & sour from lemongrass. A more refreshing alternative to golden milk, ideal for inflammation, anxiety, liver detox, and chronic pain. Warm or iced, take your pick!

Photo courtesy of Hemlade

Top Off that Sweet Tooth


This treat list could not be complete without ice cream on it. Your bedtime sweeth tooth just became guilt-free with CBD infused popsicles from Kana Ice! Available in various flavors and a vegan chocolate too, these all-natural vibrant popsicles are powerful yet mouthwatering. Choose from 20, 30 or 40 milligrams of hemp oil. The 40 mg is perfect for a calm buzz after a long work day that takes you right into sleep-mode! Also, if you’re ever in the mood for bougie treats, The Standard just launched a line of blood orange CBD gumdrops with Lord Jones and they’re pretty awesome. 

Photo courtesy of Kana Ice

Truthfully, not sure what’s cooler — CBD edibles taking flight in Miami or CBD oil period?! Keep up with all this hemp edible goodness on the gram, local farmer’s market pop-ups and events. Ask as many questions on CBD oil that you may have and try it for yourself!

Cover photo from Bon Appetit.