Tattoo lovers are always on the lookout for unique and quality-based artists and overall parlors. However, finding a go-to tattoo artist nowadays serves as a challenge for many since the competition within the tattoo world for who does the neatest work or who can offer the best eye-catching twists, remains high. Searching for new places and people to go to in Miami may be time consuming but we cut out the time to bring you a variety of tattoo artists and parlors that can cater to all of your art cravings:

Guzman “Bolo” Perez

Better known as Bolo Art Tattoo, Miami Native Guzman Perez dedicates his hands to realistic and detailed tattoo pieces. His home base for creating is at the famous Inkaholik Tattoos located in North Miami Beach which has gained even more recognition through his doing. Although Bolo’s style focuses on realism, he is not limited to all styling sorts and ranges from portraits to pop-culture references and to original ideas of his own creation. Weaving in a new design based off what each client desires is a specialty of Bolo’s and is one of the most underrated tattoo artists in Miami that is definitely not one to miss.

Inkaholik Tattoos

The diversity of tattoo artists in this shop will leave any tattoo addict overwhelmed with choices too good to decide! Inkaholik offers a broad spectrum of styles with services such as black/grey realism, color realism, watercolor, tribal, traditional, cover-ups and more. Along with tattoos, Inkaholik also offers body piercing services. This tattoo shop uses only the best of the best with state-of-the-art equipment from top brands in the tattoo and piercing industry. You can find these shops across the Miami map in locations like North Miami, Kendall, and on Bird Road in West Miami.

Ocho Placas

Located in the heart of Little Havana, Ocho Placas brings the classic American and neo-traditional style tattoos to its customers. The shops’ walls are lined top to bottom with vibrant pieces that serve as a nice distraction from the throbbing pain while getting inked. An affordable place yet faithful to its craft, quality, and customer service, Ocho Placas remains grounded and under the radar for best tattoo parlors in Miami. Each of the eight tattoo artists in this shop bring a different flavor to the table with much experience under their belt, passion for the art, and vibrant character. With fifteen years running and celebrity walk-ins (including Lil Wayne and Birdman) Ocho Placas is unquestionably a must to check-out for Miami locals and out of town individuals alike.

Oriana Tattoo

The first tattoo studio established by Chino, a well-known businessman in Miami, was over 25 years ago. Many of the famous Miami tattoo artists today started their career at one of Chino’s tattoo studios around south Florida. In 2015 he decided to open Oriana Tattoo, a state-of-the-art tattoo studio in the amazing city of Miami Beach. Here you can find a team of old school artists with many years of experience of working together mixed with international artists with big names. They each bring something special to the table from abroad, such as the latest techniques and the newest updated equipment. The main styles of Oriana pertain to trash polka style and realism, which is the hot new trend these days for tattoos. Whatever your budget, small or large, Oriana Tattoo works with what you got and gives you stunning outcomes. Can’t miss out on this one!