As Miami continues to mature all-around, every neighborhood seems to be stepping up their culinary caliber and hangout game. Even Downtown, our most saturated yet underutilized area, is coming out with some new digs we can’t get enough of. Of course, we could sing the praises of the classics like Olympia Theater, PAMM, Fooq’s, etc. But this is about the charming treasures both old and new that lay within Downtown’s midst. Peep some of our favorites:

Lost Boy Dry Goods

What was once a denim boutique has now been transformed into a too cool to be true Downtown hang. Lost Boy is a perfect extension of slinky spots like The Corner, with a lighter, cozier feel. They dish out top-notch cocktails, great musical selections, and even offer games from pool to darts and all your favorite boards. It’s the ski cabin we’ve all been waiting for.

Photo by Eater Miami



We can’t speak more highly of Arson. This Spanish-inspired meat and seafood space is everything you’d expect from the same team behind the beloved (and neighboring) NIU Kitchen. It’s an ode to the coal-fired menu, with some of the most flavorful tapas eats in town. The intimate eatery offers a charming, forest-meets-industrial ambiance. Keep your eyes open for their epic happy hour deals that come around every once in a while.

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Coffee shop lovers, rejoice! Easily the most Instagramable spot has come to Miami and nestled itself in Downtown. Cafe Galleria specializes in high-quality roast like that of Stumptown, and only vegan-friendly milks. The dusty rose and white subway tile interior is contrasted beautifully by the shelves of colorful local artisanal goods. Galleria is so new it’s as if it sprouted overnight like the many plants it houses.

This and Cover Photo by FujiFilm Girl


Downtown Media Center & Filmgate Miami

Like the growing city, Miami’s film scene is also bubbling and brimming over. Thanks to wonderful non-profits like Filmgate, our city’s actors and filmmakers have an unprecedented support system. From usable equipment, editing space, green screens and more, local films can keep happening en masse. Heiga Studios and Filmgate provide the necessary resources for these creatives, as well as screenings and events anyone can attend.

Photo by Jose Jacho via Twitter.

Bali Cafe

We discovered this genuine treasure as we were doing some Downtown adventuring (you know, just getting acquainted with our city’s vibrant neighborhoods) and were immediately intrigued. The big “CASH ONLY” sign on the window is your first clue this place is bona fide. Bali Cafe‘s lack of a website was the second, albeit frustrating when you’re doing your research. The Balinese masks, deity sculptures, and wooden nooks were the last piece of the puzzle that drew us in. It’s a highly recommended meal.

Photo by FujiFilm Girl


Mama Tried

This new Downtown spot will go down as one of quickest to gain a local cult following. When Mama Tried first opened a few months back, the celebration had merry attendees pouring into the streets. Give us a pool table, a jukebox, leather booths and well-made drinks and you’ve got yourself an instant classic. That’s just what Mama Tried offers to its bar-goers: consistently low-key and good vibes every night of the week.

Photo by Timeout


Soya e Pomodoro

Over the past few years, Soya e Pomodoro has quietly been climbing the local charts as one of the coziest spots in town. Located in a historic bank galleria in Downtown, the Italian spot is tucked away for a perfectly authentic experience. They also have live jazz on the weekends which makes it the perfect bohemian date destination.

Photo via Soya e Pomodoro