Summer in Miami may seem like the worst time to be outside – but it’s actually the best time to enjoy Miami, at least according to Caiti Pomerance.

Pomerance officially pulls double duty as the Co-Founder and Board President of Debris Free Oceans, and the Program and Outreach Director for the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation, but would describe herself as an ocean-loving-attorney-activist-Miami-enthusiast. Debris Free Oceans hosts a myriad of community clean up events, ranging from SUP/kayak outings, pub crawls, to dive expeditions.

Apart from the events DFO hosts, they also do outreach and education programs. “I have been working with the Debris Free Oceans team to get ready for our education program for this upcoming school year,” added Pomerance. “Thanks to LUSH Cosmetics, we will be able to provide 1,000 students we educate this year with Zero-Waste Toolkits, which include a reusable bottle made from recycled aluminum, reusable silverware made from bamboo, and a reusable organic cotton bag.”

When she’s not working, you can definitely catch her outside, spending the day long boarding South Beach or diving the patch reef. So what does a perfect day look like to her? Lots and lots of time enjoying the beautiful scenery our city has to offer.

Biscayne National Park – “Miami is so beautiful because our backyard is an underwater national park! With 194,000 acres of underwater awesome to explore, there is no opportunity for rest – too many moray eels, sting rays, octopi, and puffer fish to go say hi to,” said Pomerance. “Biscayne National Park just launched an Institute to provide access for more people to enter the Park, and you can see the opportunities they provide here.”

Courtesy of the National Park Service

Biking down Old Cutler Road and Key Biscayne to Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park: “You can start at Matheson Hammock and wind down Old Cutler Road, Main Highway, and finally onto Key Biscayne, tracing our coastline by bike. It’s incredible how even more gorgeous Miami becomes when you get out of the car and bike! The most beautiful street in the world is Old Cutler Road as it leads north into Coco Plum Circle and the ride over the islands in the City of Key Biscayne is breathtaking”, suggested Pomerance. “Not to mention the bridge onto Key Biscayne (aka Miami’s mountain) will literally take your breath away. At Bill Baggs, you can take a tour up one of Miami’s oldest lighthouses, which leads to breathtaking views of Stiltsville!”

Courtesy of Ines Hegedus-Garcia, via Flickr

Stiltsville: “Stiltsville embodies the sultry and sexy parts of Miami that I love while also staying true to its ocean roots. Back during the prohibition era, Stiltsville was THE party, and I like to think the start of our nightclub and overall more edgy scene. Once owned by private citizens, these houses built on stilts above the water are now part of Biscayne National Park, but the original owners still hold the ‘key’,” said Pomerance. Also, heads up: you cannot disembark your vessel and go onto the houses without being with a key-holder.

Courtesy of Knight Foundation, via Flickr

The Wynwood Yard: “The Wynwood Yard embodies the cultural components of Miami that I love so much – that is, we are a progressive and innovative bunch!,” stated Pomerance. “The Wynwood Yard has put our community and sustainability at the forefront of its mission and provided blossoming restaurant entrepreneurs with an opportunity to showcase their stuff. Della Bowls is totally vegan (yum!), and if you bring your own cup to the Yard, you will get a quarter off of your drink so BYO cup!”

To learn more about Caiti and all of events Debris Free Oceans has going on, you can visit their website or check out their Facebook page.