Meet Meli Sanchez: one of the girls behind Geek Girl Brunch, shop owner of Geek Girl Gang, geek chic blogger at Melificent, and new Mom – all while still holding down her ‘muggle’ gig as a behavioral analyst. We chatted with her on her favorite spots in South Florida to eat, geek out, get your nails done, and much more.

Tea + Poets

“We need more places like this in Miami,” said Sanchez. “It’s a mom and pops coffee shop that wants to foster a sense of community amongst its patrons. You’d never think it would be nestled within Sunset Place, but it’s a wonderful place to set your laptop at and sip some of the most delicious tea and coffee while blogging. I also really appreciate that they have pop-up shops in the cafe with local vendors. So much support and love fills this place!”


“As a geeky lady, Tates has to make it on my list,” added Sanchez. ”They have everything and anything you could possibly imagine in geek culture at your disposal. It’s a genuine joy to shop there and I love their community events. Fun fact: I shot my maternity photos there!”

Tacos + Tattoos

Por que no los dos? Sanchez lives out in West Kendall – not exactly known for their hot spots, but this place definitely stands out. “Tacos and Tattoos is very special and such a gem in the community. It is tucked away in a small strip mall, which makes its top notch Mexican fare even more surprising. Also, make sure to check out their incredible desserts and beers on tap!”

Vanity Projects

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, Vanity Projects is the perfect spot to pamper yourself. “Who wants a boring run-of-the-mill manicure, when you can have an amazing work of art on your nails?” said Sanchez. “I love Gena of Vanity Projects in the Little River District. I have trusted her with my fandom nail art for years and I am continually enamored with her talent and effervescent personality alike.”

Las Rosas

Favorite place to knock back a drink? Las Rosas, located in Wynwood. “I may be known for being geek chic, but deep down, I’m a rock ‘n roll chick. I live for grungy rock bars, and this one gets extra points for a photobooth – my one weakness aside from stiff cocktails.”

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